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Old weird ideas combined with new ones.
It started out with the idea of making the charges more efficient.
Right now, they just exploded in the holes and whatever tamping material we used would just increase the distribution a small amount.
We had the latest and greatest printer available to mankind and I had read about fluids that didn't act like normal when you pushed them.
I had the expo program use everything it had on Non Newtonian fluids and combine it with possible materials from the printer catalog.
Later that afternoon, it presented the results of billions of possible combinations and the quantum fluid was made.
We packed the bore with the same old explosives but the new fluid instead of random rubble.
We waited in the life-room as per protocol and when the counter got to zero, we felt the whole planetoid tremble in a decreasing shake until it became too faint to feel.
The borehole was still full of the fluid.
It took hours to clear out.
Once we had the mess cleared out though, we found pulverized stone and set the bots to clearing that out.
I went to bed.
I woke to my entire family surrounding me with grinning faces.
Apparently the new packing material did such a good job, that it increased our yield by orders of magnitude per blast.
The pulverized stone was ore that was perfect for smelting onsite.

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