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An emotional poem about being a Christian.
They say God is Love, God is just.

With shaky hands I write, remembering the first real death in my life. My grandmother, battling cancer, age 63, who lost the fight.

They say God provides for the weak and the poor.

With shaky hands I write, Remembering the homeless man I encountered; an old vet who fought for our God given rights. There he stood on the street corner, holding up a sign with tears in his eyes, that wrote “any money will help”, as people looked and drove by.

They say God shows love for every man, no matter the color on his skin. We're all his companion, his best friend.

With shaky hands I write, thinking of the time I got called a nigger lover, due to the fact I was hanging out with someone whose skin was much darker than I.

They say Jesus invested his time hanging with the odd man out; The thief whose only choice to survive in this world was to rob his best friend's house, the addict whose only way to not feel pain from the world was by a needle, what he thought was his only escape out. The young woman who found out she had an STD from her boyfriend who said, "Baby please just trust me." The gay man who grew up in a Christian home; He wondered why God had made him this way, and if hell is where he would stay. Praying and crying to God at night, thinking what he had done to deserve this life.

The truth is,

We are all the odd man it seems. Living In a world just trying to get by, we seek our own desires, temptations, at times. By not yearning for God, we create a mess ourselves. We become the biggot, the liar, the cheater, the scam artist, the user, and well, everything else. Though we are imperfect I’m here to say …that God's love is everlasting, and here are some examples I bring.

When they say God is love, God is just, it reminds me of the first time I got called fat in school- running to the bathroom, screaming and crying to God like a fool. Years later, and I remember this day, when I woke up, looked in the mirror, with all the horrid memories erased. With Gods love I was able to restore myself, of all the hateful words I was dealt. Beautiful is what He called me, despise the nicknames others yelled.

When they say God provides for the weak and the poor, it reminds me of Crossroads church - and those who religiously serve. Every day people with love in their hearts, Volunteers you may call them-who live for God. Packing their belongings and flying to Texas, God was there to faithfully direct them. Restoring the hearts of the victims and their broken homes, God was there, living throughout each and every volunteer; curing the victims’ shattered hearts, and cradling every fallen tear.

When they say God shows love for every man no matter the race, It reminds me of grandmother, who invited the black the white the Mexican into her place. My grandmother became my hero when she told me this one day, “Miquelle my belle you musn’t complain. There are people who have it much worse than you and I… people who are getting discriminated strictly by the color of their skin, who walk in a room where white people sigh. People who have to prove themselves a little bit more because of the color of their skin in which they were born. Don’t forget to love as much as you can, and try to understand others perspectives- because we’re all human…” My grandmother showed me what real love should be like. The summer when she died, I realized then and only then, that God’s unbiased love poured throughout her entire life. She was a prime example of someone who lived for God, who learned to love every person she came in contact with- no matter their belief system or the color of their skin they were born in.

With steady hands I write: God is love and God is just. God will provide, in His perfect time. God is here and God is true, he brings us together to share our own stories too. In a world where they will do anything to shove our God away, I pray we become stronger in our faith. Living through life with diseases, death, and tears shed…We must remember this world is not the end. Eternal life is what our Father brings, to you, to I, and to all who believe. Together we will rise, as christians whose main purpose is to live for Christ. Despite the downfalls we may face, I pray God allows us to get back up and live for him day by day. Don’t you think the creator sees us and our decisions made? Don’t you think he sees our hurt and our pain? God is here and God is true, despite what the world shows us, despite the things we have gone through. With this I will conclude; don’t let the world make you so bitter…our God is bigger then the things we face, and our God will always love us- even through our worst decisions made.
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