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this is a book i just started writing and i want to know if I'm goin the right direction
The night was warm I was coming out of Starbucks for a late night coffee, it had been a long night I was working on a case that had been unsolved for 4 years, and I only had 7 hours left to solve the case I look down at my watch and sigh it was over.

41 hours earlier

It was 2002 a hot midsummer Day all the kids were out of school for the summer, and the town was bustling with activity. During a pool party, Patty Emerson age 18 goes missing without any witnesses. I read this over again sitting in the lobby of the police station it was my first day with a real police force and I was fresh out of the academy and eager to prove myself. I continue reading the report ''during a busy party of 20 people Patty Emerson disappears after heading to her car for a smoke, 2 weeks later Hannah Halowits age 20 disappears in her own front yard after a going out in broad daylight to take out the trash. No conclusive clues or evidence was found so the case was closed and they were never found The police believe they may have run off with boyfriends or ex-lovers. i scoff at that last part knowing that there is no way that is even close to true why would a 20-year-old run off like a love-struck teenager when she has a full-time job I continue to read ''Her family says they don't know why she left she had a great family life growing up'' the police took there statement and continued with the investigation. A few Weeks ago 3 more girls disappeared Hannah Gallows Fiona Tempt and little Cassidy wailers who sadly wasn't but 5 years old I read over this, again and again, memorizing every detail of the case, I was so nervous sitting in that lobby my legs wouldn't stop shaking, I Look over at the office worker who checked me in she was a slender little woman with a high shrill voice she had an eggplant-shaped face and a long pointy nose, I walk over again and ask her how much longer becoming more and more impatient The Cheif will be right with you she shrilled please sit down I mutter a quiet thank you and walk over and Sit back down. I Sat there thinking about all the things I had heard in the achadamy so much was buzzing around in my mind the case will my family if somthing was to happen to me on the force my first day in but I had to do it I had to, I still remember the horror stories id heard during trainning about people on drugs shooting at cops, to just crazy people attacking there sposes with knives,honestly I didnt know what to think but After 3 more people went missing in the same patten as the ones before, I knew I had to get on this case, lucky for me the case was reopened and because it was my first time in the field I was lucky to even get a passing glance from the chief, but I had to try. something about this case.. I felt some kind of peculiar connection to it.. so I braced myself puffed out my chest and walked into the chief's office, Hewas sitting at his desk a large muscular man with a thin slender face wrinkles under his eyes and around his mouth, I had heard that chief Gordon had lived through WW2 fighting alongside his buddies.. he was the only one who got out of there alive ''no wonder he looked so rough'' I thought to myself.

I walked over and introduced myself to him.. telling him I wanted to help with the Reedville slasher case He took one look at me and laughed, this hurt but I still continued to persist begging the chief to let me work the case ''Sir, I implore you please let me do this I know I'm new and you would be taking a huge risk'' he cut me off an angry frustrated look on his face Do You know what your asking me to do ??!? I can't let you just walk in here with scarce to no experience and to just jump on a case like that, who do you think you are? some of my best senior officers couldn't find those women what makes you think you can?? I stop for a moment.. maybe he's right, maybe I cant do this my mind starts to wander in that moment I think of my 4-year-old niece and what I would do to anyone who laid hands on her, No I had to get justice for that poor familys who may never know what happened to there children no one deserves that. Sir all I want is justice for the families Sake!!. I stop and take a breath in to calm down Sir listen I can do this just give me a chance please he looks at me, looks at the ceiling your not going to give up, are you? no I say breathing hard he looks at me and sighs Fine, I'm insane for doing this but I will let you on the case my boss will have my badge for this. He walks towards me and gets in my face so you better make sure nothing goes wrong understand me?? I nodded meekly thank you, sir thank you thank you. As I go to walk out the door he says Hold on there pal there are a few rules we need to set before you send us both out of the job, I walk back over and sit down 1. His voiced boomed If .. you find anything at all you come to me understand?? yes, sir, I mutter alright. So with some hesitation and irritation, he finally agreed to let me on, with one condition I had 48 hours to solve it. He walked me out of his office with these last few words of warning ''the things you see can change you but don't let that define you'' I smile and nod I guess he wasn't that bad of a person after all. I thought about what he said again 48 hours to solve it, This proved an impossible task as I had no leads or clues to start with I had to go back to the basics I needed to see the body and the crime scene that was the first step. It was the first 24 hours of my investigation I was coming up short every step I took, none of the leads were accurate or helpful, when I went to see the body of the victim at the morgue nothing seemed out of the ordinary one single bullet to the head no lacerations on the body no sexual assault I kept looking at her there had to be something here to tell me something anything.
Then I found it I couldn't believe what I was seeing the only witness to the case was 86 yr old white female unidentified and cannot be traced. we looked everywhere for her, nothing even came up all we had was as we concluded a fake name Bethany Whitehower she's the one who made the call in about the body but when we got there she was nowhere to be found. the fellow officers made claims that maybe she was the murderer in question but we quickly ruled that out, The Next day I Requested a meeting with all officers at the town hall.
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