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by maddie
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2140538
this is a book ive been working on for a year or so now
Chapter 1: A New Beginnng..
Sam got up early it was about 6 am in sunny california, Sam couldnt believe he has to move 12,000 miles away to Collinsberg Penselvania. The Sun peeked from behind the dresser blocking the window, Sighing in frustration this so called ''place'' he was moving too was a small town so deminitave it wasnt even considered to be placed on the map he couldnt comprehend why the company he worked for had to move so far away to somewhere he didnt even know exsited.
Sam knew he had no choice he Has to keep this job, there whern't many jobs avalable and he was lucky to find this one on the back of a newspaper, with a sigh Sam got up looking at the house where all of his stuff used to be. It pained him to look at the dusty walls where the paintings used to be nothing left now but imprints where the frames where, Sam walked around looking at his bare empty house well it wasnt his anymore he payed off the last of his rent and told the landlord he was leaving for business reasons... even though the knew that wasnt completely true it was all the could think of to tell the stuck up landlord who always had his nose in everyones business .. Sam really wanted to keep his amazing job he had really grown to love it and it gave him a pretty good apulent lifestyle, he promised himself he would keep this job no matter what.
A loud banging on the front door awoke sam from his sleepy daydreaming he jumped and ran downstairs to meet the movers, grumbing about bothering him this early in the morning and that they couldnt have done this later today and let sam sleep and enjoy his last lazy lul days is this sweet somber town, but sadly he had to leave as soon as possiable he has to catch his flight to Nebraska and then another 2 hour flight to Penselvania. Sam hurried his pace hearing the doorbell ringing repeadily ''im coming'' he called opening the door the movers without saying a word fleed in and started moving furniture into the truck parked in the driveway. Sam anxious and hesitant to help just sits down on the couch and watches the movers, Realizing he hasnt had his morning coffee yet he gos into the kitchen to make some, He Also fixes a Bowl of oatmeal quickly before the movers try to take the microwave away. Walking back into the dinning room he casually sips his coffee... For some reason a thought of his ex-wife popped into his head.. it was a memory he thought was long gone, it pained him so to remember her, even though he had bought this house for her as a surpise on there wedding night, he thought everything would be perfect just him and her and there little house in the city nothing could have been better but after only being married for a long 22 years She left him for a much younger, richer man.. Flintching at the painful memories he had tryed everything to keep them together but to no avail she was set on leaving.. (Tasha) Look, Sam im sorry.. but you and i have known for a long time that this marriage isnt going to work.. please don't make this anymore difficult than it already is... (Sam) Tasha please... don't do this.. we. w..we will go to therapy and work out our differences please.. don't leave me.. i need you. (Tasha) I'm sorry Sam but the love just isn't there anymore... Goodbye... He watched her walk out the door.. there was nothing he could do, Sam snapping back into reality and continued to sip his coffee , he watched the movers for awhile, walking back and forth, Sam felt sorry for the men he knew this wasn't a great job but someone had to do it. Remembering that he had some papers to fill out still he picked up the bowl of uneaten cold oatmeal.. sighing as he gets up and dumps the cold goopy mess into a trash bag. He causally looked over at the television that was still hooked up for some strange reason, he movers must have missed it. he walks over and turns on the TV, not paying anymore attention to the movers bustling around him Sam is more focused on the news..
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