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The three most common fishing flies.

I love fishing. It is relaxing and peaceful. It takes time for the fish to bite, so you have plenty of time to take in the beauty of your surroundings while you are waiting. In fact, on my last fishing trip I got my first up close look at a pair of Loons while I was waiting for the fish to begin biting.

But the first time that I watched my boyfriend stick a hook through a worm's mouth I nearly passed out. I vowed to use fishing flies from then on. They work just as well as worms.

The following are three common fishing flies that you can use for your next fishing trip.

The Dry Fly

This is the most common of all the fishing flies. It is designed to float on top of the water. The fish see it and mistake it for an insect-in other words, dinner. When using this fly, and you get a bite, you are rewarded with not only a fish but a spell binding display as the fish jumps after the fly and out of the water. There are three types of Dry Fly:

-Flies that "match the hatch"-These flies resemble specific insects that hatch in or near the water.

-Terrestrial Flies-These flies resemble insects that live on land like grasshoppers.

-Attracter Flies-These flies are not meant to resemble any insect but attract fish because they are made of brightly colored materials. Not many anglers have had success with this type of fly.

The Nymph Fly

Anglers have had the most success with this type of fly. They are designed to work just below the surface of the water. This fly simulates an insect's nymph life cycle. These nymphs are a good food source for fish and, therefore, are excellent for bait. You might have to use a strike indicator when fishing with this fly to be able to know when exactly the fish goes after the fly.

The Streamer Fly

These flies are meant to mimic larger water animal such as minnows and leeches. Instead of letting this fly hang on the top or just below the water, the Streamer Fly is floated and moved by tugging on the line. The bursts of movement and the design of the fly mimics a living creature. This movement is a great attraction to fish that are swimming by as you fish. The fish strike fast and hard on these flies. You might want to use a leader and tippet when using this type of fly.

There you have it. Three common types of flies. I hope this helps you in your next shopping trip for fishing flies.

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