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A Signature of True Math
Mathematics - God does not play dice; nothing is random

Everything is math as each thing is but a count of the stars we are; a multitude of dust contained within the combustion of self.

There is actual infinite vs potential. Yet there is also passive/active infinity.

Each unit is a stretch of length between the pitch of each wave.

A True number is a distance between each wavelengths pitch.

Each true number is drawn from the top or bottom tone of each pitch
This is called "signature"

The irrational number is the ignorance of knowledge. It is the darkness where the sun doesn't shine. It doesn't fit in the limit of true numbers and is a length within itself. It is the square root of itself and doesn't make a unit with another tone or pitch.
This irrational number has no edge or unit square to it, it just is fluorous

God is logic, and the wavelengths are from the thoughts between the space of God, so numbers are the True space between the signature of our natural self and the being of God. Irrational numbers destroy this signature.

Truth is in the tone of the signature. True numbers have a value that always resembles the next "one" or "unit".

A unit is the spark of the highest form of Trusted Knowledge.

These are axioms based upon truth in number.

Proof of wavelength and pitch is within the heart pulse, match the heart and mathematics and your heart beats free.
This is the change of all; this is just a different interpretation of Truth.

Realism; math exists independent of mind as atoms. Each atom is the next string of atoms into itself. So each unit is the measure of one to the next. So one atom to two atoms and so on so forth. An atom is the spark of the unit of each true number.

A triangle is not the creation of a human mind but Pythagoras theory is a calculated math that is real based on a relationship of reality to three points; or three relative atoms.

Time is gravity and time is perception, so gravity is the strings of each unit of atoms changing time over time as it stresses or releases the units. Units can collect or discharge. This is a conjecture of both things.

Realism shows libido and this effects how math moves in and out.

Math is abstract except for the fact of the direct experience of it. The world is a world of numbers and the soul is it's selling digit. All is One number of the Monads.

If all numbers are equal, what of it? Infinite.

Units have in and out abstract and real features.

Planes can be seen as segments of lines created.

Astronomy is basics or orbits in units.

Harmonics is the signature of units.

Empiricism is against intuitive; it all takes a time or can quantum jump. 2 + 2 = 4 But 4 is not always 2 + 2 it can be 3 + 1.
Math exists outside and inside of time.

Math is logic but not all of logic, it is just a part of the whole picture of logic or God. Concepts of math and logic can derive each other from each other but never separate deductions.

If you can independently make math statements, this avoids the essence of circles" and the axiom of reducibility. F + G = FG if all falls under one superimposition.

This is all formal axioms. All intuitions of a physical and communal world.

Psychological math is grounded in pure math. Pure math is intuitive in essence that is always is so in essence psychic nature is just tapping into the information field and applying the correct harmony of mathematics from the signature or music you are playing with.
God is infinite; all else is numbered by man.

All are held in both structures of the stars of man and God; each in the firmament of being.

Many minds make many diverse monads.

This is the relationship between mathematics and ideas.

In order to remain in the relationship, an order must remain in symmetry. Without this, transcendental logic occurs.

Math without numbers is as simple as a book of fiction. Just open it to the written page.

All math has created society and individuals of the unit of the soul's collection agency.

Proving math exists is as easy as an ECG reading.

This is the "two sense theory".

This is true math in the essence of things that are
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