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cold days and warm nights
the days are cold, the night without a soul
still, we here the sound, thinking out loud
a diamond in the sand, new pearl before swine,
push the right mic's land, when home darkness aligns
next to the pen and pad, writing lab, life in rhyme
in a cold existence, as a warm one going the distance,
look at your home, if you don't belong; fake it alone.
ready? signature download tone, pleasure sets the pain
in the heat the code is a reality, harmony contains
rhythm in connecting beyond reach, clearly artist
crystal in my method, the last line rehearsed catharsis
catalyst catacomb cacophonous analog, equally dope
asking, where do words evolve without performance? hardly copes
a design or aligns, destruction creates combustion as
will, pleasure and all life's pain, delivres tis fast as you can
right now, suffering, feeling sick, apathetic signals waving a finger
at the fire, tired you look at me, wanting to be inspired,
what can you do? are you in my shoes? I ain't got feet
to walk, a stranger is woven is blood treat? farther retired
a window sparks the light out of sight, looking, just like that
the world can shape you as you combat,
I complain about the heat in the apartment, but what of the park bench
ya feel me? answers we seek are as deep as we think
pains can be the pleasure, cold snap warms loves weathers
and each tomorrow where never back a the world changes together
incoming transmission, vision clarified, not ready to let go
abandon microphone, testing ozones contrite, do what ye like
balance flows, deeper alone cold and growing, friction addiction
to step up, listen are you ready? panic attack
stoned and lonely barely allowing machine shop design
not letting go, always facing laced up gun shop androids
automatons rolling robots like bending tricks, fjords
in the void, swirling chaos holds rhythms word
this lucid spell dropped curled.
it does feel like home, growing warm; when'd you go?
I miss your soul, forever gone, beyond, whose knocking along?
shit, I want to quit, but tripping up takes so long, all day
I can't say what I want, but family I hold dear,
my soul, where'd you, it tells me, "I'm disappeared home"
to another abode, a feeling to keep the pain away, to stay
waiting at bay, to keep lights hope in cleared stripes
as long as we write, infinite develops the useless
it is what you've only got till it's gone out and alone
this is a hard, hold show fire, outside deep crusting
busting up words to seed a spin, revolving deepening
chaos swirling in stereo, keep the flow, not ready? drop steadying
chit chat whispering, block turn te check, neighbors know
that loving a homie is really like Oh Oh, rocking
as R.O.C.K we key, up so loud volume blocking
out a system dial out, your caged in word prison
back home, searching but nothing, no saving,
no fact, life goes black and your out;
grandmother response is a soul like black cat musique
hard to swallow gang survived in tribal the hieroglyphics signs
can't you see, come back home, or else you go out
not problems here but the fact is dear, you exist,
a greater mystery than infinity twist shines
like again some, or lose it all, behind time Cronus
stay out, sit hopeless focus on mistakes El'dorado
writing bigger than l.A river, ink driver thank online page
nothing to find stop searching it's blackout or turn the stage
Can you feel the start of nobody?
honest it where you separate, going down
your own your own, fun and games out loud
I know devil, called grey pain alone staged
I don't know who I am soul, obeyed
laws without conditional broke all the rules
back then, the pain eventually destructs, the annihilation of me
when it happened to song ran free!
let's go, new show feeling alright ya know
run off a myth, he's empty, at work with this
trash tricks fake not a fact without a label saying
take the safety off, back off, I feel lost
so what we do is what we are saying
higher picture dropped outclass say anything bye waving
do what you say as it doesn't work today watching
some roadway to breathe, listen to nobody really.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2140591