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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · History · #2140622
A poem to guide you through some of the landmarks of life

Blame Babylon for falling
Stars etched across the sky
A night-time scene, carved, calling
Spent longing, slipping by
When heavens just won't listen,
and night skies just won't hear
Stars so lonely, glisten,
for bodies, far and near

Throughout the Colosseum
We watch as pillars drop
Starting high we see them
Ending low, they stop
Like a lived in memory
Worn and torn in place
Born in stark trajectories
A ragged, hagged space

With hearts lost in Atlantis,
and souls left to the seas
As spirits take their chances,
as tides rip, curl and tease
Tested and found wanting
Washed up on the shore
Wishing for that one thing
We wind up wanting more

Our piece of El Dorado
Golden Men in treasured halls
A slice of what we all know,
forgotten, as it calls
An absence of missed memories,
of times we've never shared
Paths too dark, the mind decrees,
despite how much we cared

and now with Eden overgrown
… imaginary weeds,
from fabricated lies, long sewn,
amidst such real seeds
Souls that sing out in the rain,
for spirits, kindred, paired
Bells that toll, ring out in pain,
rooted...deep, lost, scared

Lost Pyramids we grew in,
so long ago, our stay
A memory of Ruins,
that makes no sense today
Outside the stars have shifted,
from where we were aligned
Through hieroglyphs, we've sifted,
… at deltas we might find

A way back to Olympia
Regain our mount, our steed
On wing and hoof, viewed sepia,
if only we took heed,
of correspondence written cold
letters lost, addressed and spent
A life well spent, a love well sold
… and postcards never sent

From Colosseum to Atlantis
El Dorado... Eden... seen
Pyramids shroud bygone tantras
… in Olympia, Zeus dreams
With schemes and candles burning
The flame it flickers, calls,
to planets coldly turning,
as Babylon... it falls
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