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Just a cute little story that I've been passively working on with my phone's notepad.
Any level of criticism is fine.
I'm not super attached to this and I know it's not particularly good.
if i could get some alive on my style that would be cool.
Thanks for reading!

         "Okay, who the hell are you?"
         A girl he didn't know pushed Max, in a pretty intense way, into a wall. Her breath was hot on his chin as she held him there, she was shorter than him by a good bit. Unfortunately, in contrast to this smaller figure, she was pretty strong.
         He had been pinned.
         "Max Masters?" He questioned his own name, questioning if that's what she wanted to hear. Bead of cold sweat formed on his brow. Questioning her sanity more like, Max thought to himself. Damn, I hope she doesn't pull a knife on me.
         "Like hell you are! You've got horns and... and black eyes. Your skin and hair are pure white. Why have you been following me? You're clearly a demon!" She yelled this at him while actually pulling a knife out of somewhere and pressing it to his throat.
         The college student silently excepted his death.
         All he could really do was that so with open arms he waited patently for the end. Max plainly considered the situation and decided that not even trying to fight back would be any good. The knife was there, right in the crook of his neck, ready to be pressed further in to do some real permanent damage. When he swallowed the skin of his throat pressed uncomfortably outwards into the blade. He sighed.
         "I don't know what you're talking about."
         All that comment got him was a:
         "What do you think, I'm stupid?"
         "Do you do this to people with body modifications too or just to random guys you hallucinate over?" Max patted him self on the back mentally for that one, thinking it was his last chance humor before...
         "I can see you." She retorted with a wi.
         "That makes one of us." He muttered.
         The knife thankfully gave a bit of slack to is neck. She seemed to have been stunned by Alex's stupidity and was left confused. Maybe the boy wasn't meant to die today.
         "But that doesn't answer why you were following me."
         "Who would be dumb enough to follow someone like you?"
         "Demons, apparently."
         If only someone like that existed in the first place though, he thought. Demons, he wanted to tell her, where invented way-back-when to explain the negative things that happened like sickness of the mind and body. All of that, of course, would be a bad idea to say out loud so he kept it to himself, scoffing instead.
         "So what, and you can see demons?"
         "Yes, I can. Unlike most people I can tell who and what you really are."
Max tried to lift his hand up to run it through his hair in frustration but there it was again, the knife was back at his throat. Yet, for some reason, this time there was some level of hesitation as she surveyed the situation.
         "Wait..." she said completely releasing me "Wait... Holy shit, are you blind?"
         "Wow, I wouldn't think that someone who would be talking about demons being real would also be the type to say holy shit."
         "Answer the damn question!" The girl clearly was not happy with that comment.
Max half-laughed, mostly cynical really,
         "And what part of the ORGY of evidence made you figure that out? Was it this?" He lifted up the white cane in my hand. "Or was it possibly the vacant stare I always have on my face, I'm told that one is really obvious."
         "How the hell and I meant to know something like that when your eyes are pitch black?" She countered, extremely annoyed. Maybe I shouldn't poke the bear when the bear is a few forks off the full table wear set, Max thought to himself yet again deciding that wasn't a good thing to say aloud.
         The bear went quiet for a time while he was a bit too scared to move.
         "Hey, can I uh..." It was about time for him to go to class. College waits for no man.
         It would have to wait for him then.
         Max guessed it wasn't about time for him to do anything, this person was still thinking. Her footsteps approached him once more. He pressed myself against the wall behind him. The cold brick made a solid barrier that he could not possibly escape through.
         "Look, I'm not going to hurt you if you're not a true demon and if you're not surveying me." She sighed while saying this.
Somehow this seemed to be a strange situation for both of them at this point. It was even more strange that Max was starting to believe her just a little. She didn't sound crazy even if she was saying some pretty crazy things. He had listened to enough fantasy audiobooks to have a least a bit of an open mind. Okay, maybe it was too open to come to this conclusion, but you have to role with the punches sometimes.
At that moment the punches came.
         She reached up and grabbed above his head, shaking him violently.
         "You feel that? Do you believe me now?"
         Letting go of whatever she had just held onto the girl backed away again to let him consider what had just happened.
         Max laughed.
         "Demon hunter bloodlines have the capacity to make physical contact with your normally intangible side. The demon side."
         He laughed again, a small chuckle.
         He stood up straight.
         He tapped around to figure out where to go.
         He walked away quickly.
         "Hey! Wait up!" The girl called after him. When he didn't respond she started to follow in a messy jog.
         Max walked faster.
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