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by Asenti
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This is a story, where the protagonist must first overcome the inherent darkness
In Dreams

When the cold of winter comes, the starless sky will fall appart....but in Dreams, i can hear you name, in Dream, we will be together again.

He was awake in a huge room, his body shaking with shock and cold. Did you just wonder why? Why?
Why did this all happen? How could it happen? Where did he stave the thing that meant more to his life? He did not know. After the incident, he got angry. Then it should have been all over. It would have been easier. But he chose the heaviest way. Before the second apocalypse he thought it would be all right. It was an anniversary. He was secretly made with flowers, he put into his room and then went home. He waited, waited, and waited. He knew she had come home but did not write. He did not understand what was happening, so He almost asked but did not do it. Just waited. Then she noticed what she was in her room. "Thank you," he thought. He just sat there in the cold and waited for a reaction. "Will he come to me again?" "I love you," he says fiercely. None of them. Ended. He woke up in a new, cooler and unknown place, he still had the wits of it. He tried to get up from the floor, but he pulled something back. There was a small wolf lying on his scarf, sliding down beside him sweetly, do not letting it cool down. It was really cold. He just did not understand. He picked up the tiny wolf and walked into a room. It was huge. He did not see an end. He just went through the columns and looked around to see the walls. But there was only darkness everywhere. The little wolf continued to sigh, where it was stronger or weaker. He could have dreamed something. He wondered if he could do it, it would be more simpler. But something was going on. Exiting a huge column, he saw a strange shadow. Two seated figures. Then they disappeared as he went closer. Then, leaving another column, he also saw two shadows sitting by the hand and staring at each other. As they moved toward them, they also disappeared, but he heard watersplash and started moved in that direction. Meanwhile, the silent shadows as pictures came on steady. He recognized the places: forests, lakes, cities. The shapes became more and more familiar as he walked toward the voice of the water. He saw a well and two shadows. One was leaning against the edge of the well, the other standing in front of him and crying. He recognized. They were, for a long time. They were. He did not understand why he sawthis, but as he walked toward them and wanted to kick the shadows, but only a part of them disappeared. The well was actually there. It was a scream that the little wolf woke up. He swore, what the little wolf had awakened. He sat down to the well and put the little wolf in front of him and looked at each other. The little wolf sat before him and looked into his eyes. He did not understand what this little creature was looking for. This was the darkest hole is what she could have found. As he thought about what he saw, he thought back to these memories. For everything. From bitter recognition to hilarious love. Love. Whatever he does, he still likes the girl somewhere, no matter how far is she. At that point, the little wolf's eyes changed and red light, almost flaming in her eyes, spreading over her back. Huge light lit the room. The little wolf started to move in one direction and he started to follow. The shadows blurred and retreated. They did not come out anymore. Following the little wolf he reached a huge ornate carved door. There, the wolf sat down, and with a flash of light he took up a form he did not expect. She stood before him whom she loved. She put her hand on the door and started to open. As the door opened, he saw that his mouth was left out of words, but he did not hear them from the noise of the opening of the door. He came to a circular room, in the middle there were strange writings on the ground, not only shadows along the scriptures, but ordinary figures as they mumbled something. He walked between them, and as he did, the door slammed behind him, as if that heavy opening did not happen. The letters began to glow on the ground, and the world was darkened. He felt as though she were on the bottom of the sea, with incredible pressure on it, everything dark, just a little light above her head. As it was floating in the darkness, the light grew stronger. Around her, they began to emerge as fireflys on the summer night. They blinked blue and red, swirling around like the sea around the island. He did not know what and why he was doing it, there were only those feelings and thoughts that had been seen before. The lights were getting stronger as he getting deeper into his thoughts. As he thought of everything, the light grew stronger until he found the surface. The world was dark again. It was in a dark place.
He gasped for breath, as if he had been completely under water, even though his clothes were completely dry. She realized it was just a dream. A strange dream. But he felt it. A little warm point. The wolf was lying next to him. They were in the room to whom she last entered alone. It was still different. Mosses and thorns grew on the walls, the columns were worn out, and the fog of time was visible to them. He felt, this was not what he had seen before. The circle-based room was illuminated from above by the light, the vault cracked, the weak light leaked and thanks for that, he could see something. Looked up and saw the huge door, what he saw in her dream, but only one wing, the other was on the floor. Behind him only the full darkness stared at him. He got up and took the little wolf. The huge hall covered in darkness, what was familiar to him with the columns, but the time was also visible in the big hall. On the wall there were old torches, but they were still able to see all of them beside their light. He has an igniter, he twisted a piece of his clothes out and lit it. She started in the direction he came from her dream. As he went, he saw broken swords, helmets, which did not look just like damaged by the time. As he walked, he became so absorbed in his thoughts that the empty space and the large well in the middle of which the water was still running did not even appear for her. As he approached and looked at it, he realized that this well was different from what he saw in his dream. He looked around and saw that light from one direction filtered through the darkness and started there. As he walked toward, the light was intensified but did not produce the same effect as the light of the sun or the moon. Closer to his argument it became colder and the floor was covered with snow. Standing in the doorway, as his eyes came from endless darkness to dazzling whiteness, it was a startling sight. It was snowing. The snow clouds barely allowed a little light. The landscape was covered with snow until the eye was covered. Intact, clear, dazzling whiteness. On the branches of pine trees, the mountain peaks in the distance, the slopes, everything covered with snow. Beyond the mountains, a beautiful, eye-dazzling blue light passed through the clouds, through the mountain peaks.
Beautiful celestial glamor. - Thought.
Seeing this in his hand, the little wolf began to move and push his head to his arm. Then he realized he was trembling. Not just from the cold. The many feelings were replaced by one. The beauty of snow. And it frightened.
For hours it would have been a picture of snowflakes falling in one after another, but he could not bear this cold for a long time, so he went back to the darkness he came from. But he took something with him. The sight she had received there. It filled a little gap that was in his heart.

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