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by []
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2140736
Sam returns home and his wife won't let him kiss her on the lips. What's with that?

"Now I'm gonna go home, I'm gonna go to my bedroom. And then I'm gonna have fun." Sam hummed to himself as he held his big steering wheel and watched the desert landscape pass by him.

"Whoa." he held tight as the bump brought him off balance.

"What was that?" he thought to himself, his eyes shifted backwards to check for any damage and forwards to look at the road. "Damn. Well the truck seems fine so."

"Now I'm gonna go home." he hummed to himself.

He drove down the road. Soon desert turned into grass as he walked down the path to his house.

Sam opened the door and walked in. As soon as he took off his jacket he heard footsteps approaching. A shadow came from the living room and a foot showed itself. He smiled as his wife Melinda rushed towards him and embraced him.

He tilted his head down to face her properly, expecting a kiss on the lips. Melinda grabbed the back of his head, pulled it down and kissed his forehead. She pulled back and smiled at Sam. For a moment he completely shut off as his expectations were completely subverted.

She was moving so he brushed it aside.

Sam moved closer so his cheeks touched hers her near her ear. He felt her shudder beneath him and relaxed.

"I missed you when I was driving, you know?" he whispered into her ear.

She pulled back, brushed her cheek against his until their faces weren't touching. Melinda gave him a quick peck on the nose and rubbed the top of his head.

"Since when am I the family dog?" he joked in a mock-serious tone.

"Since now." Melinda playfully scratched him beneath the chin.

They stared into each others eyes for a bit.

"Come here. Dog boy wants a kiss." he leaned forward to kiss her lips but she turned to the side and he stopped, confused.

Melinda turned back towards Sam.

"My lips. I have lipstick on today." he raised an eyebrow at the explanation. Melinda bowed her head. "Actually to tell you the truth, today the doctor told me that I have to avoid making lip contact with anyone. I might infect you or something like that, I didn't get it really. The doctor was babbling again." Melinda babbled.

Sam took a long look at his wife and nodded. He put a hand on her shoulder and lead her down the hallway.

"Come on let's watch TV." he lowered his hand down along her body to her side so that he had a firm nice grip on her stuff and gave her a squeeze.

"Bad boy, I'll get the newspaper." Melinda giggled and he smiled. As they turned right for the living room Sam faced away from his wife and kissed his index finger. They sat down on the couch, snuggling up to each other. He held up his index finger.

"Kiss." Sam said. Melinda craned her neck and gave his finger a kiss. "At least I snack away and indirect kiss didn't I?"

Melinda watched him with a plastered smile and glassy eyes.

"What?" she asked, barely opening her mouth.

"Mel if you're gonna make weird faces I'm not gonna look at you." he instead turned to the coffee table. The remote was on it but he didn't wanna reach out for it. He extended a foot forward. Sam bit on his tongue as he strained his leg muscles to perform the task of tilting the remote closer so he could get it with both feet. Seeing it was useless he retracted his foot and sighed. For a moment he contemplated on weather he was eating too much donuts as he stared at his leg.

Next thing he knew the remote was in his side vision. He smiled as he took it making sure to thank his... Alien?

He yelled his lungs out as he dashed for the corner of the room.

"What the hell are you?" he demanded at the thing.

Writhing tentacles, each ending in a red tip, similar color to a lip. Two of the tips were gray. Organ-like blobs that were inc-black like the creature itself. How did such a thing function was beyond him. Still.

"Where's my wife?" Sam asked as he inched towards the door. He ran through the door, out of sight and then peeked from the side. He spoke with more confidence. "I asked you a question you sack of disgusting and vile things."

The alien thing moved an inch forward and Sam hid himself again. He peeked back a moment later and noticed the alien hadn't moved.

"I mean you no harm Sam. Had you not been so persistent this wouldn't have happened." the alien now spoke in an artificial robotic voice that sent shivers down his spine. "We created this town to study you humans as we are searching for a symbiotic relationship with you."

The alien moved and he hid again only to peek back in.

"I understand you are afraid and confused but we can work things out. If you consent to a memory wipe we can forget this whole thing and proceed as normal. However if you do not we will be forced to terminate you so you do not spread fear among your kind." the alien explained, he was sweating. Adrenaline was pumping though his body. He pulled his head back and put his back against the wall.

"For years, every time I come back home I kiss my wife hello, straight on the lips." he said. "That's not something a simple memory wipe can fix." Sam chuckled to himself.

"Come to think of it I didn't kiss Melinda hello today."

"I am sorry then." the alien exited the living room and prepared to strike.

"Sorry for being late hon." eyes closed, Sam approached the alien, index fingers in front of his lips. "What's for dinner?"

The alien was left burned out on the ground and the front door opened.

"Hey hon." He knew that he was home when her lips touched his.

"Sorry. Can you go get me some wine. I'm too tired."


Sam ascended the stairs and went to the balcony. He watched as his wife went on her way, staring with confusion at the truck parked over the lawn.

He rested his back against the railing and watched the alien ship above overhead.

"Guess I'm dying for wanting a kiss. I didn't get to use my tongue so." Sam stuck it out at the ship as a white beam engulfed him.
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