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This was supposed to be a sonnet but I wrote away and forgot about.. enjoy!
A rose in the middle of the field slowly beginning to bloom happy as could be but one fateful day , a gigantic storm came through with the mighty wind blowing against her, she braces herself holding on the ground wondering if she will make it through this tragic moment. The storm stopped after hours of destruction, the rose wakes up surprised she is alive but she noticed something was missing from her. Her petals were gone, her only form of protection of everything was taken away from her. The storm stripped every petal from her body with no hesitation, her pride, her love, her dignity, her sense of living was all gone. The rose cried constantly everyday wondering if she will ever get her petals back. She screams everyday hoping someone will hear her cry, but her cries were silent, nothing came out of her, she tried every second to scream but it failed. Days pass by, she flows by the wind alone thinking if her time is coming. The rose remembers going through many storms doing damage to her but this storm in particular ruined her. She felt that she was no longer strong enough to hold herself up the rain, the ground was so wet with her tears and from the storm. In her dreams a monster that was huge ,mighty, and powerful haunted her day to day, the poor rose was so scared of sleeping she refused to do so. The monster laughed at how hard he affected her with no regrets when came looking for her in her dreams, he loves feeling so victorious and superior, he was known as the flower taker. He haunted your dreams and got closer and closer to you. He puts you in a series of storms first , then mentally abuses you, sometimes put his hands on, you couldn't move because you freeze, then once he sees you can no longer take anymore he gives you a kiss and everything you held on vanishes. All your hopes and dreams... gone with a simple kiss. One unfortuante day ,the monster came true and came for her, he came closer to contact with her, The poor flower was still hopeless after the storm he created. The rose held herself tightly hoping he goes away thinking she is dreaming but he doesn't. The rose broken to pieces , not having her petals anymore since the monster blew them away from the storm he created , she thought this was the end for her after realizing this was reality, with a cruel but happy twist to herself saying "finally , I can be set free away from this. I can no longer suffer" she closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and waits patiently for her time to end. Tears running down her stem but with a smile to try to see the bright side of the situation. The monster tightens his grip around her and squeezes everything out of her. She can no longer bear the pain of knowing she is leaving the world like this, she opened her eyes made the realization that she is stronger than this, that it was time that noone will step over her like nothing so she took action and began to struggle back and forth moving out of his grip to save herself and falls to the ground, the monster cant believe his eyes of how much determination that rose had but that didnt stop him from reaching to her again. The rose crying for help this time hearing her screams and cries, suddenly a stranger from the woods came out and put the monster to sleep. He moved the rose to a new field and took care of her for a year and continued to do so. As time passed by, the rose has grown some of her petals back, slowly she feels her purpose coming back to her although she is traumatized by the events the monster caused the rose and having nightmares, she is happy she is becoming herself again but she fears everyday he might comeback , she made friends that helped her through her recovery and even though she still very fragile, she overcomes anything in her way. I am the rose who overcame it. That very rose that thought she would never get over what happened , still frail but strong. My petals grow slowly but they are attached to me stronger than before.
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