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Short prose, metaphorical
Fire needs attention to grow stronger.
Water needs appreciation to reach potential.
Fire creeps and reaches into every detail to consume all.
Water seeps and fills all space to grasp every detail.
Fire may burn arrogant and selfish; out of control if not tended to and given no boundaries.
Water may smother and choke; too heavy to withstand if unable to flow smoothly and given no direction.
Fire grows quickly and dominates the space around it.
Water builds slowly and permeates all space within it.
Fire eventually evaporates water but helps it from overflowing.
Water immediately extinguishes fire but keeps it from exploding.
Together they are energy and life.
Willpower and tranquility; action and subtlety.
Passionate and adventurous by nature.
Creativity and innovation abound with the foundation of it all.
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