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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fantasy · #2140842
A curse befalls poor Heather.
Heather frowned. Her fiend Candice was beside her telling her how she had finally gotten an A in Spanish and Heather was frowning and ignoring her. Candice stopped talking and looked at Heather.

"Do you feel unwell Heather?" Candice asked.

'I feel selfish.' she thought. She said "I feel empty inside." she clenched her teeth as she said that. She hated this depression. She hated being so introspective.

Heather got up from her bed and pushed Candice aside. She exited the door to her room and went into the bathroom.

Heather stared at her reflection in the mirror. The 'her' in the reflection had a chain wrapped around her body restraining her. It wasn't a realistic one. It had an aura around it similar to black flames.

"Damn that bitch! Damn this thing. What the hell is this?" she punched the mirror and when she looked at her hand her eyes watered. Heather turned her head away and flipped off the light switch.

"Luck she said. You deserve to suffer she said. I suffer too bitch don't you put a curse on me just because you're jealous!" she held her tears in out of sheer stubbornness.

Heather navigated her way towards the window and opened it, resting on the edge.She pulled her phone and took a picture. Heather frowned.

"This started with an ugly picture. It's why the curse worked so a pretty one should fix it, but." she stared at her face in the phone. Ugly.

Candice hugged her from behind.

"You're the prettiest friend I have." Candice smiled as she reached for Heather's tummy. She wiggled her fingers around eliciting a giggle.

"Smile." Candice took a blurry picture of the messy duo giggling. It was beautiful. Heather felt lighter.

"Guess I am lucky." Heather embraced her saving grace.
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