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by Ari
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When I first meet people, they never know at first glance that I'm different. "Whats your favourite colour?" They'd ask. "Black" I'd respond. They all thought I was either depressed or crazy. None of them knew It was the only colour I saw.
People would tell me about how gorgeous the sky was with all of its different shades of blue. I could only imagine how beautiful the colour blue is. Imagining what the sky looks like is a whole new task.
Sometimes, before I go to sleep, I just lay on my back and imagine. I imagine what colours could look like, what trees look like, and what it might be like to watch a movie
I lived alone, to help me get through a day, I had nothing but a metal stick and a dog, Blue. I named him Blue because the thing I wanted the most was to see the sky. If I had one wish and one wish only, it wouldn't be for fame or money, it would be to see the sky.
There are days when I wish I was still living alone at my house. Instead, I lay on this thin hospital mattress with Blue curled up beside me. The doctors diagnosed me with stage five lung cancer three months ago. I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, but here I was with one day to live.
I try not to think about my funeral and what will happen when I die because it makes me way too sad. I get all teary-eyed when I think that nobody will be at my funeral except maybe Blue. The poor thing probably won't even know whats going on.
He'd just know that his owner was being lowered into the ground in a giant box. I worry about what will happen to Blue when I'm not there to take care of him, or more accurately when he's not taking care of me.
The nurse came in interrupting my thoughts. She told me I looked more pale than usual and she was going to get a doctor immediately. When she left I saw a funny looking light. It was quite bright. The more I stared at it the closer it came.
When the light couldn't come any closer it flashed. At that moment I saw it. It was so beautiful. More gorgeous than anyone had ever told me. But I saw it, I saw the sky. Seconds later everything turned black once more and I heard the loud beep of my heart monitor, hooked up beside me.
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