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by Jessi
Rated: E · Short Story · Teen · #2140949
Only just a walk through the woods and came out scared and safe
Everyone always start their scary stories by introducing their main character, but in this one it start with a bunch of kids in their tween’s and it goes like this…

One of the kids said, “Let’s go for a walk in the woods.” “Okay.” says, another kid. So they all start walking towards the woods, they come to a path and a sign that says

Casa De Devile

“What does that mean?” “I don’t know, let’s check it out.” “Okay.” The kids kept walking, til it got foggy out, the branches and leaves on the tree’s were swaying with the wind. The owls eerily hooting in the dead tree’s as the kids walk by. As they kept walking a horde of bats fly towards the path where the kids are walking through.

One of the girl’s heard a sound coming from behind and looks around. A few seconds later, she’s hears it again, but this tie it got louder. The sound was coming from tree branches on the ground as if someone or something is watching them walk the path to the house.

The kids kept walking for a few minutes more til they saw a big long bridge. As they were walking on the bridge they hear screaming off into the wind. The wind picks up as the riverbank flows swiftly very fast. As they kept walking the rest of the way, they came to a clearing and they see the tree’s swaying with the wind. A few seconds later, the hear laughter that sounded very evil, then the screaming came in and got louder and louder. The wolves were howling as the kids started running til the path ended to another path.

One of the kids were squinting their eyes and said, “I see a house, wanna go check it out.” “Ok, let’s go.” so they kept walking, they started seeing more and more of the house. One of them looks up to the sky with the moon so full with very few stars.

They kept walking til they saw a child just under their age, running to the front door and looked behind, seeing us walking towards the house. The child bangs on the door very loud and fast with the sounds of wolf howling at the moon very creepily.

The kids finally got to the house, walking up the steps to the front door. A moment later, it starts to thunder with very few strikes of lightning and starts pouring down rain, very heavily and fast.

Just when they were about to knock, the door creaks open very slowly. They walk in slowly, as one of them say, “ Hello, anybody home!” one of the other kids were looking for the light switch , the door slams shut with a loud bang.

They see a grandfather clock, its ticking very slowly and very creepy. Another kid see paintings of people that use to live there. The eyes in the faces glows with dark red with blood dripping down the walls slowly.

Another one looked into the living room and they see the fireplace lit up in front of them. They see the kitchen door and opened it. The counters were dusty and old, the floors look liked it wasn’t swept and mopped.

Another kid peered through the dining room door, the window was opened and the wind blew roughly, making one of the chairs fall over to the floor. The table had only four seats, the chandelier above swaying with the wind.

They kept on walking til they see the attic door, opening it as they walk in, the floor creaked as the window shatters into millions of pieces onto the floor, as the shutters repeatedly hit’s the house.

All of a sudden, they turned around quickly, seeing a black Doberman barking and growling at a mere shadow. The kids are just realizing the dog was growling at them, as it was drooling, looking very hungrily. One of the kids found a bone on the floor by a box, they threw it across the room.

The dog ran to the bone and started to knawl at it. The kids huddled together, walking to the door. A couple minutes later, they started running. They saw another dog and some of them ran into the next bedroom.

Scared, crying, as the bed jumops repeatedly. Half of the kids also ran into the bathroom, hearing a faucet running water. One of them turned around, pushing the shower curtain aside and screams.

The rest of them turned around and saw a lot of blood with bodily parts. They ran out as the kids from the bedroom also did the same. They all bumped into each other, screaming as they shook with fear.

The lights flickered as they slowly walk to the end of the hallway. They kept walking towards the front door. They looked back again and the outdoor lights were also flickering on and off.

They see a car coming their way. They ran back inside and kept running to get to the back door. They opened the door and saw at least ten or fifteen gravestones, one of the kids said, “This place is creepy.”

“Yeah, let’s get out of here.” “Some Halloween, we’re having.” “Got that right.” they walked out and followed another path. But this path took the kids somewhere else, where the real horror began.

About ten, fifteen minutes later, they see a tunnel and looked at each other, as one say, “Shall we go on another adventure?” a couple of them, still looked scared and nodded another yes.

So they walked in, not knowing what’s gonna happen with fear on their faces. As they venture on, they see cobwebs in every corner with spiders, spider eggs and flies.

They also hear water dripping and seeing it happen from the pipes. They kept seeing skeletons chained to the walls with the chains rattling as they walked by. The torches light up to show them they way to their death.

The wall looked very old, dirty, and smelly. Rats scurrying across the floor and pathway. The girls screamed. One of the boys stopped and helped the girls to keep walking. They walked into the water, not realizing there were snakes in there with them. One of the girls said, “I just felt something touching my leg.” one of the fellas used their feet to check, picking up a snake. The girls screamed again and jumped out of the snake-infested water.

They came across a room, a man in the cage in a corner next to the opening, saying, “Get out of here or you’re next.” One of the girls said, “How did you get in there?” “I don’t remember, but I do remember how I got here.” The man kept talking as they listened.

“I was with a group of my friends on Halloween night. We wanted to go for a walk in the woods. Ten, fifteen minutes later we saw a house and we had a walk-through. Both dogs were scary but all of a sudden we heard sa car drive by, then we ran inside.

That’s when everything turned into a nightmare. All of my friends were killed off one by one and he (motioning to his torturer), decided to keep me.” “Who is He?” “You don’t know.” “No.” “He’s Satan!” As the man were talking to the group of kids, Satan was listening to Beethoven the entire time.

Satan a.k.a. Dr. Satan slightly moved his head, smiled a wicked smile, saying to himself ‘More flesh for me’. He turns around and let’s the kids see him for the last time, with fear on their faces they strted running assthe caged man screamed, “Run, run, run as fast as you can!”

Dr. Satan grabbed an ax off of the table, walking towards the caged man and chopped him into bits of pieces, some pieces flying off into the room. The kids ran and saw a dead body hanging upside down dripping with blood, they screamed. Dr. Satan gave every skeleton life, ordering them to kill the children.

One skeleton grabbed one of the girls by her shirt, she screamed and head-butted it. Stomping on it’s feet, trying to get free from it’s grasp, turned and kicked it in the ribs as the skeleton dropped into millions of pieces onto the floor.

The boys and the girls cheered her on, saying,”Let’s get out of here, Rebecca.” “Ok, I’m coming.” Rebecca started running with the rest of the group as she kept on slipping in very few mud puddles, the next puddle she fell into, she fell down hard as the same two dogs from earlier was growling and drooling at her.

She cries loudly as the gorwls got louder. She couldn’t move, she kept telling herself to get up and got thre courage to do it. She ran as fast as she could and caught up with her friends. One of the boys said,”Rebecca, are you okay.” “My shoulder hurts, but I’ll be opkay.”

They kept walking for a few minutes later, they see the moonlit sky and followed it to the path. Fifteen minutes later, they see the bridge, they all sighed with relief and walked while the riverbank underneath was still running rapidly.

The owls were still hooting, branches swaying with the wind and the woods are still foggy as ever. As they were walking, they hear a voice over the wind, saying, “Thank you for listening to me, Miss Rebecca.” She stopped walking, as she said, “Your welcome.”

They heard that evil laughter of Dr. Satan. The Voice said,” You leave them be.” Dr. Satan laughs again, as the man appears as a ghost, saving the kids from Dr. Satan himself. The voice says “Be gone, Demon.” As Dr. Satan comes towards the girl, she panics and ran, a few minutes later, the caged man lets the girl bump into him.

He says, “I’m here now, he’s not gonna get you. I promise.” the man held her til her friends appeared. He lets her go, pulling her away, showing her that he was a ghost all along. She didn’t have any fears against him.

She felt confortable, safe and calm. They watched as he floated away into the moonlit sky. One of the boys said, “Let’s go home.” They got back onto the path and walked. One of them said, “Why don’t we go back next year?” Everyone said, “No!!!!” “Geez, it was just a suggestion.”

They came up to a road and a different car drove by. As the kids split up and went their way. This was just the beginning for one the kids nightmares to come true. Or is it. You’ll never know, til next year.

The End

Happy Halloween Everyone


I’ll see you next year

Have Pleasant Nightmares Everyone

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