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A first Valentine's day becomes interesting when young woman Stella meets young man Ezra.
Stella always dreamed of becoming a journalist in New York. She never thought she would be here today. While sitting on her bed, she thought about writing. She wanted to be a journalist for her favourite magazines. She collected information on celebrities, international news, anything that she would have to be able to write, she wrote. She had just finished her essay for her university class and now laid alone in her bed. Her cat Macy jumped up on her bed and cuddle next to her. She went on Facebook and saw everyone else posting about how amazing their valentines day was going. The rain dripped down her window, make a dripping noise. She always loved the rain. It reminded her of her family. Her parents live in Seattle and her brother went to Canada for business, she was always jealous of his travels. She knew once she became a famous journalist she would do double the amount of traveling her brother did, but that seemed to far away. She didn't want to be the boring journalist her brother always called her. She wanted to get out more, have more fun. She stood up and walked over to her cupboard. She grabbed a wine glass and got a drink. She patted her way to her couch and grabbed a magazine. She loved how perfect the writing was. How carefully written it was. She threw the magazine beside her and drank her wine. She grabbed her phone and checked the time, only 9:47. It was still early, the night had barely even started. She walked over to her closet and grabbed her favourite red dress. The dress was tight around her waist, and flowed perfectly over her hips. the lace sleeves completing the look. She grabbed her tight-fitting black coat and favourite heels and went out the door. She didn't really know where she was going, but she knew she was going somewhere. She waited for the elevator, thinking if she should go back to her apartment, but then it opened, and she pushed the button. She turned on her phone and thought about texting one of her friends, but turned off her phone and put it back in her bag. She waited impatiently for the doors of the elevator to open. She stepped out of the elevator and the cold air stung her cheeks. She waved to her doorman and stepped into the to cold night. The city was lit up all around her. She hailed a cab, but there was another man in the car.
"sorry that you have to share your cab, he insisted." The cab driver said not taking his eyes off the road. The man in the seat of the car had shaggy black hair, pale skin, an amazing smile, and eyes that could tell a story.
'hi." His voice low and raspy. "I'm Ezra." He did a small shy wave and patted the seat beside him.
"get in, it's really cold outside." His smile was warm and welcoming. Stella adjusted her dress and sat in the cab.
"Maclaren's, please," Stella said, and the cab driver pulled back out onto the road. Ezra was looking Stella up and down. She could feel his beautiful eyes on her. She loved that feeling. The eyes of a man staring at her.
"I was expecting you to be going to one of the restaurants, since, you know, it's Valentine's Day and all." He looked at her, his gaze warm and loving.
"Actually, I forced myself out of the apartment and to go do something, even if I'm doing it alone." She smiled, her hair shaping her face and falling perfectly on her shoulders.
"I'm surprised you don't have a date with you, either" she flipped her hair out of her face and turned her body towards them.
"I wish. I thought I should just enjoy the night." He moved in closer to Stella. Their chests almost touching.
"well, who knows, maybe we will leave this night with someone," Stella said almost whispering in his ear. He could feel her warmth on his ear. He lifted his hand and put it on her cheek. His hand warmed the side of her face.
"Maybe." He leaned in closer, their lips almost touching. Then the cab came to a stop.
"Maclaren's." the cab driver said. Stella pulled out a ten-dollar bill to the cab driver and stepped out of the car.
"who knows, maybe we will see each other again," Stella said, shutting the door of the cab. She walked to the bar and opened the door. The music was loud, and it was filled with people. She walked up to the bar and sat on a stool.
"Vodka soda please," Stella said to the bartender. She looked around the room at all the other people. She wondered what their life story was. What they were doing tonight. Were they with someone? Were they just trying to have a good time in New York? Who knows. The bartender placed her drink in front of her. She took a long drink of it and checked the time on her phone. It was 10:13. She grabbed the napkin from under her cup and a pen from her bag. She started writing about what she was doing for creative writing because she had a new idea. She wrote and wrote until she checked the time again and it was 10:53. She was thinking about Ezra. That's all she could think about. She sat at the bar, looking around at the other people. New people had come in the bar and others had left. The bartender handed her another drink.
"Oh I didn't order this," Stella said pointing to the drink.
"No, but that man over there did." The bartender pointed to a tall slim man, his back turned to them. She turned back to the drink. She stared at it. Someone took the seat beside her.
"whiskey," said the man, his voice low. Stella lifted her head and moved the hair out of her face. She recognized the man's voice. He turned his head slowly and their eyes met. She knew it was him, she could recognize those eyes anywhere.
"Ezra, right?" Stella said with a light smile on her face. Her eyes danced around his face, how perfect his hair was, his eyes, his face, even.
"Yes. And you're the girl from the taxi. I never got your name." he said, leaning in closer to Stella.

"Stella. Name's Stella." She said with a small laugh.
"I like that name," he said turning his chair so he was completely facing her. All she wanted to do was kiss him. But she knew she couldn't do that. She could feel the tension between them. They had a desire to kiss, but neither would.
"So, Stella, who are you?" Ezra said interrupting the only silence that was in the room.
"I'm becoming a journalist. I moved from Seattle a year ago to go to school here." She explained while moving in closer.
"A journalist. I can see that." Ezra leaned in so close that Stella could feel his warm breath on her lips. She was longing for that kiss. That one kiss, but he pulled back and ordered another drink. Stella thought that maybe she should leave. If they were meant to meet then they would keep finding each other, but then again, that's just the stuff of romance. Stella was a romantic. She pictured the fall nights by the fire, the summer walks along the beach, the kiss she longed for. Hmm, romance, what a strange thing.
"Well, I better get going," Stella said, getting up to get ready to leave.
"no, stay. Please?" Ezra said grabbing her hand. She felt a tingle in her hand. It wouldn't hurt if she stayed a bit longer.
"Actually, how about we go to a restaurant?" Stella suggested, still holding onto Ezra's soft hand.
"good with me." Ezra stood up and grabbed his jacket, still holding her hand. They didn't let go. They didn't want to let go. They walked quietly in the rain to the restaurant.
"do you want to just skip the dinner and go back to my place?" Stella said, stopping.
"that would be nice." Ezra waved a taxi. He opened the door and Stella stepped in. they leaned against each other. There lips almost meeting but never did. The tension of wanting to kiss was almost just as good as the kiss its self. They always left each other longing for that kiss. The taxi stopped outside of her building and they paid the driver and got out of the taxi and headed up to her apartment. They both knew what they wanted to do in that elevator, but neither of them would. Ezra moved a step closer to Stella, their hands brushing each others. they didn't say anything, they silence made them long even more for that final kiss. Stella quickly grabbed Ezra's hand. She held on tightly, never wanting to let go. Ezra turned to face Stella, placing his hands on her waist and pulling her in close. He put his hand on her cheek and pulled her face in close, so close she could feel his lips. She loved that feeling. All she wanted to do in that very moment was pushing herself into Ezra. She stared deeply into his eyes.
"I know. Me too." Ezra said looking at Stella's lips. It was like he read her mind. They felt the same way but never had their lips meet. The elevator door opened, and they pulled away from each other.
"Well, here's my apartment," Stella said getting her keys out of her bag. She opened the door and dropped her bag on the chair beside the door. She took off her coat and turned around and looked at Ezra who was looking around the room.
"Nice place. Really nice place." He said looking at Stella.
"Yeah, well I finally get a place of my own, so I have to make it perfect." She smiled and walked over to her couch. She sat down and looked out the window, the ran still coming down.
"Want to show me some of your writing?" Ezra said sitting beside Stella on the couch.
"fine. But you can't make fun of me." She stood up and grabbed her laptop off her bed. She sat back down beside Ezra, closer to him than before. Their legs touching, they believe knew what they wanted but wouldn't give it. It was like a longing desire for each other. But they both knew, the longer they waited, the more amazing it would be. Stella pulled up a word document and showed it to Ezra.
"This is a recent assignment I got from my professor. We had to take a random topic and write an essay, so I picked- "
"how to have fun in Las Vegas? Interesting topic." Ezra said with a smirk on his face.
"Hey! I said you couldn't make fun of me. I think Las Vegas, is an interesting place." She said with a non-believable voice. She smiled a bright smile at Ezra, his eyes tracing her lips. They knew the longer they waited, the more amazing the kiss, but that didn't mean that not kissing was easy. They both knew they wanted to kiss each other right then, right now. This very second. But alas, they didn't.
Ezra shook his head "No, not at all am I making fun of you. The writing is beautiful." He traced her face with his finger, moving her hair out of her face. She snuggled her head into his warm hand, then pulled away. She stood up and walked over to her closet. She grabbed a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt.
"don't go anywhere, after I'm done we can go on to the balcony." She walked into the closet and closed the door. The balcony had a glass cover over top, allowing them to enjoy the cloudy sky. Stella walked out of the closet and reached out for Ezra to grab her hand.
"Let's go outside. Can you grab that blanket that's behind you?" Stella said, holding onto Ezra's hand. He grabbed the blanket and went outside laid down on the chairs, in each other arms. The rain slowly stopping.
"Ezra?" Stella said.
"tell me more about you. I don't know anything other than your name"
"Well, to be honest, that's a hard question to answer. I grew up in Pennsylvania, then when my mom left so me and my dad moved to New York. Just like you, I'm in university and studying Teaching, English teacher to be exact. My dad was a teacher, and so were his parents." He sighed and rubbed Stella's back.
"teaching? Not what I pictured." She laid her arm on Ezra's chest, feeling his heart beat.
"what did you picture?" Ezra said, laughing as he spoke

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