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The runt of the litter ended up being the best of them all.
Favorite dog of all time named Sorry:
Adopted a litter of kittens from a cat who refused to clean or care for them. She had not had puppies herself but tried to get them to nurse on her and kept them clean and we would catch the cat and hold it down for feedings multiple times a day. After the first few times Sorry would help herd the cat to us.
Followed 2 year old toddler brother when he found out he could open the door and go check the mail by himself.... Down a 200 Meter driveway to a very dangerous road where she held onto his diaper straining against his eager 2 year old hulk strength until a passing car noticed what was happening and stopped. This driver very hesitantly approached the two and then took my brothers hand and walked him back down the driveway and knocked on the door to let us know how close he came to death and it was only this squat dog who prevented the tragedy.
Climbed trees to bring back baby chipmunks to her puppies when she decided they had to learn how to kill their own food. For years we saw her bring one each for her puppies and wondered how she was catching them. Just before we moved our neighbor asked if we were the ones with that weird dog who would sometimes climb his trees and leave with a chipmunk in her mouth.
One night my parents wake up to tentative knocking on the front door and open it to find a naked, bleeding woman crying on the porch with our dog standing protectively at her side. Sorry had apparently heard the woman crying after being dumped after being beaten and raped. She went out to locate the source and managed to lead her back to our house where my parents called the police and gave her something to cover up and get warm until they arrived.
Killed a rabid dog that was on our land and was threatening the animals and kids. She was up to date on her shots and did not suffer anything worse than a bite but seeing that fight I knew exactly how deadly she could be and how lucky we were to have her.
I'm sure there were numerous other stories that we never knew of but she was a loyal smart dog and I hope my own children someday get to enjoy the companionship of this kind of animal.
Edit: Added this below to answer questions: She was an American Pit Bull. My family got her as a very young puppy who was the runt of her litter and had a huge infected abscess on her face. My mom was going to school to be a nurse at the time and begged to be allowed to take her with us because she knew she wouldn't live if someone didn't help her. She was malnourished had a bad case of worms and the infection on her face made her so miserable and ugly that everyone just referred to her as one "Sorry Looking Dog". That became her official name and once she recovered she latched onto my family with a vengeance. She was our first "inside" dog and we included her in many of our games and she flourished with all of the wonderful kids playing with her. We lived on a farm and got her in the early to mid 80's. We lived in Maryland and every thing about this dog is true. If I hadn't been there I doubt I would believe an animal could do these things either. According to the neighbor she would use her front paws to wrap around the tree and her hind feet with claws to dig into the bark and to push herself up until she was high enough to jump towards the animals frozen in wonderment at what they were seeing.
Word Count: 660
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