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chapter -1
There is nothing special about her, she is a normal human being. I have never ever treated, but the circumstances and the situations, and I don’t ever think she is common into my life, and I treated her so- so special for me.
Why just small-small things are being so good. We never ever talk like this before, it something which is happens with me. I never think, and judge about her, but it is the situation where I never ever feel this before .some times this feelings threats me and sometimes motivate me.
There is a thousands and lakhs and billions of imagination I have about her. Is this imaginations can come true any time?
I don’t know what happened to next but entire day I was with her, feel like a free bird from the cage. Forgot all the sadness in me by sharing a moment with happiness with her. There are many of feelings in which, I never ever choose what the best feeling.
I don’t forgot the way she smirked at me. It’s not enough to talk with her, I can spent a week, year and also my whole life by talking and watching her. She is also a reason for my sadness and happiness .when I not got a chance to spent time with her (the time of sadness and a Fu rusted mood for the day), and also being the happiest when I got her.

My heart beats like a machine gun fire when I meet her. Each time I wished “please god stop this time here, I don’t want to lose this moment.
And also blaming to the scientists and engineering to make a machine or any kind of gadget whose work is to stop the time and the world stop.

“I noticed each time about me that I am losing myself into it”

After one year, it’s not a only one year it’s a
1 year
15 months
463 days
11123 hours
667402 minutes
40044158 seconds
After the 5th she received my call. Hello, she said;
I says in female voice “hello”.
Kon!! ? She asked
“Bhul gayi Kya mujhe “! Now I talking in my voice. I don’t know is she is acting or seriously don’t know who was
the guy she was talking.
. I said,
Four seconds she not react and normally she say haa!! , hello!!
I seriously love her voice when she talk to me. I wished her “happy new year”. Mm, she said.
I don’t understand what I talked I only talking to her and she replied with the tonne “I don’t know”.
I asked her, you have any boyfriend, she said no, I don’t know,
I answer, from which time you started hide your secrets from me, because; after 12th, it’s not totally one
year but its 2 year we not even contact each other.
I also were busy in concerts management and designs of pass for shows music competition for the music shows.
Each of the day I wake at one at a time I miss her, actually I don’t love her, but I like her, she never ever like me or love me.

After this call I decided to meet her, we were deciding the place where we meet because in Surat there are no any special place for meeting with friends. But in this city there are so many of gardens for couples.
So we finally decided a place which is athwagate, maysur café. We decided to meet maysur café at sharp 5:25 pm.
(I have to take care of her because she is pure Jain. His full name is ANSHI JAIN )

What I wear, ARYAN DIWAN; I asked myself. We are meeting after a long time so it is important to look good. My mom is still looking me, and I afraid from his silly’s questions, what are you doing, where are you going and blah – blah.
I answered before his questions, I am going for one musical concert and so that I have to look good.
Ok now stop watching me like this, I said to my mom. Ok! Ok! Go but come fast, mom said to me.
Finally I choose black full shirt and a black blue jeans which is also lucky for me .I called my sir for a car to drop me at café at the time, sir said ok, and by stairs I reached towards the car, I was full of imaginations , what the first word I say to her.
Come on ARYAN, come fast he was my sir with a car BMW latest model. Thank you so much sir, I said. But why you are going for café Aryan, sir said.
Sir I am going to meet my best friend. Friend or girlfriend, sir. He looks at me and smirked,
Sir I answers your all questions first please go to café. With the speed of 50-55 km/hrs. Sir rides the car. I reached at café and sir gives me a thousand and two hundred rupees .and say enjoy ARYAN. I smiled and say I love you sir. Thanks a lot.
Anshi call me and say “I am sorry Aryan “I can’t come, today is my best friend’s birthday, so I have to go there.
What ,and why but we decided to meet and this been a long time I have not seen you, please for god sake at once meet me please, I am waiting for you please, I strongly begged to her I don’t take your more time,plezzzzz.
Duffer turn back, anshi said”
I turned back and she was standing in front of me, I can see two white wings with an angle and a pretty smile on her face. She wear a full violet kurti, and a black jeans with a raddo watch and a scarf on her blue purse. She is looking too beautiful and hot also. I was imaging that I am flying with anshi on the top of the sky.
Then I feel something that someone pinching m, she was anshi .where you lose yourself, she said. Nothing, how are you? I said.
I am fine, she said.
You are looking gorgeous, she replied thanks for my compliment. I want a tight hug from her. I making all the sense that I want a hug. But she no reply. After the café we go to the multiplex for the movie heard lot of thing, but I am not interested to listening all her journey, I only and only want a tight hug.
My hormones are fighting with me by controlling myself and telling me to go for the hug.in the middle of the movie I out from theatre room.
Why you are behaving like this, she said. Nothing let go some other place, I said.
Aryan its 6:50 pm where we go, she say
(Anshi is Jain so, her dinner time is 6 to 8 pm and they are very care about their food)
I said lets go to garden. She refused and say are you silly, why we go garden it not good place. I don’t know what she thinking or assuming about me, we go to the vesu road, there is no one there to disturb us.
What your means “no one disturb us”, nothing I said. We go there by auto. And we sit at one bench and a tree is surrounding with the bench. So no one can see us,
After two minutes I hug her and she said what you are doing Aryan, we are just friend she said.
I seriously badly feel very guilty. I feel shamed and turn my neck and watch the ground.
She laughed and telled that you are very cute and then hugged me tightly. I feel a wormed teddy bear and a fresh perfumes of flowers and her breast touching to my chest and feeling like I am in a dream.

Aryan, Aryan: she said. Oh! Sorry, I remove my body from her, and still watching into her eyes. And she also watching my eyes. And sudden she came near to me, she is very close to me.she touched my lips, with his lips, a soft buttery feeling, his tongue g fighting with my tongue, I also start fighting with her tongue by sweptwing his lips. This fight was going deep and my hand were uncontrollably touches her breasts and started to pull of her kurti, but she stop me by pinching me, but the hand was uncontrollable again and this time she push me and the fight is over .this is our first kiss after this we both were embarrassed feeling, after this we are not contacting our eyes each other, during this fight the physiological changing of disorders’ in which the liquidise matter blast under my pants. Thank god at this time I were a loose pant, if I wear the tight jeans pant then the blast would can observe by her.
After 5min we speak at same time, “now I have to go”. I said ok.
She started walking and after three steps she came to me and hugged me very very very tightly. And this time we both are emotional, tears are both in our eyes.

Why are you going anshi please stop some more time, I said.
Please forgot me Aryan, please forgot me, anshi said to me.
Anshi why are you telling me this, I can’t forgot you, even I can think this please don’t say this.
From now we never ever going to meet in future okk!! And don’t you dare to meet me again please, anshi said.
Why you are telling me this all and why I forgot you, just because of this kiss, I said. We both are crying.
You don’t understand Aryan why I am telling you this all, anshi said .now I have to leave and please we never ever meet promise, please promise Aryan, please


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