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by komall
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God send them to you for some reason, although they meet you accidentally.
The people living in this world are their for some purpose.Their is a reason behind everyone. Everyone includes your mother, father, brother, sister, cousin brother and sister, friends, colleagues, neighbor, kids, the random meetup with old man or old woman.......

The people who meet in your life are for some reason. They are their for different purpose. Some are their who make your life worth from being worst. They are their to spread joy in your life. They are their who make you stand in your life. Their are also people which we named them as a negative person in life in fact, they were or are their for some reason. Reason like they are the one from whom we learned lessons and in consequence we are capable to deal with different circumstances alone.

Yes god send them to us with purpose. You get to know new people, new life, new experience,new learning. You get to know other world. Yes world the world that every individual is having when you meet them, you enter their world they enter your world. You see their happiness, their problems, their struggle in short you explore the new world that is lying inside everyone. This is something new and exciting you share your experiences, they share their experiences and vice versa goes on.

I guess that's what life is how we differently learn from others. How alluring the world is. At the same time their are happiness, laughter, pain, sorrow everything comes and go away. The only things that remain with us are memories.
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