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A mother steals her daughters bust. First Story. Rate and Review.
“Hold still, dear,” Judy told her daughter, “It’ll be easier to take your measurements for this dress if you don’t move so much.” 'And easier to steal your tits, your big beautiful boobs that you love so much. It’s not fair that you’re bigger than me. But thanks to this enchanted measuring tape that will all change very soon.'

“I’m not moving at all, ma,” Lilith replied, holding her arms up so her mother could move the tape up to take her bust measurements. She had to have her mom make her clothes because of how busty she was - at 19, Lilith’s chest supported breasts nearly the size of basketballs. She learned to accept them in time, despite the teasing from girls and the stares from the boys, but sometimes she wished they were smaller. 'If only these were, I don’t know, SOMEWHERE close to normal-sized, maybe I’d actually believe boys wanted to take me on dates for more than just copping a feel of these boobs.'

“Last one here, just have to take your bust,” Judith said, smiling at the double meaning of that statement. She moved the tape up to circle her daughter’s huge breasts and slowly pulling the tape tighter, transferring her daughter’s massive mammaries to her. Judith’s breasts started to tingle as she stole her daughter’s breast size. She looked down and grinned as she could see her own breasts, previously D-cups, growing larger in her snap-buttoned top.

Lilith didn’t notice anything unusual as her boobs dwindled slowly in her men’s double-XL t-shirt.

'Don’t worry, hun, I don’t want to leave you completely flat. But it’s rude to be bustier than your mother.' Judith basked in the feelings of her breasts swelling. She had been a young mother, bringing Lilith into the world when she was only 18, and her own breasts still had their own perkiness about them.

The buttons on Judith’s shirt began to strain as her bust approached cantaloupe sized. Her nipples grew with her tits, and the fingertip-sized nubs began to noticeably push into the fabric of her shirt.

*Snap!* The first button came undone, a gasp escaping Judith that she tried her best to suppress so Lilith wouldn’t think anything was going on.

“Mom? What’s taking so long?” Her mom taking her measurements never took this long.

“Sorry, dear, just can’t seem to get this one right. I’ll get it soon, don’t worry,” Judith responded, slowly pulling the tape tighter and tighter. 'I’m gonna leave you a G cup, Lilith, so don’t worry, you’ll still be plenty busty, but I’ll be so huge…'

Her breasts were already getting huge, her nearly volleyball-sized boobs straining the next button of her top.

*Snap!* The surprise made Judith jump, her arms pulling the measuring tape much tighter more quickly than she wanted to. The nest two buttons snapped open as well, displaying nearly a foot of Judith’s cleavage. Her wine cork nipples were nearly out of her shirt as they pushed into the tight material.

'I need to be more careful… How is Lilith not noticing her tits shrinking so much?'

Lilith still hadn’t noticed that her previously basketball breasts were now J cups.

'Well, she didn’t notice that huge jump before,' Judith thought, 'the hell with it, I’ll just take the rest now.'

She pulled the tape to read that Lilith was a G cup.

*Snap!* Judith’s shirt popped all the way open, her huge, torso-covering tits bounding out into the space made available to them. The sensitivity of her breasts had grown with them, so much so she nearly climaxed as she burst out of her shirt. They weren’t as large as her daughter’s had been, but Judith now definitely exceeded her daughter in the bust department. Her tits now reached below her navel, the outermost edges of them surpassing her hips. Judith’s nipples, now nearly a foot away from her chest, resembled shot glasses, the hard nubs standing straight in Judith’s excitement of busting out of her shirt. The intense pleasure she got from popping out of her clothes made Judith shiver, her arms tensing and pulling the tape farther in, which caused her more pleasure, making her shudder again, her arms pulling the tape tighter and tighter. Judith felt powerless to stop herself even as she shrank her daughter’s bust more than she intended, too wrapped up in the feeling from her tits to care right now.

“I… oh no… My boobs…” Judith whispered, gazing down at her massive chest, still panting from the energy running through her from her excessive growth. Judith’s greatly enlarged breasts exceeded what her daughter’s size had been, the lower lobes of her tits hanging below her waist. Her baseball-sized nipples, over a foot and a half away from her chest, stood stiffly in the cool air.

'What have I done?' She thought. “I’m, uh, all done, sweetheart. You’re, uh, smaller than last time.”

'Smaller?' Lilith thought. She brought her hands to her chest and felt nothing. No boobs at all.

“Where the hell did my tits go?” she shouted, turning around to face her mother. “What? Mom? Did you steal my boobs or something?”

“I wasn’t planning on taking everything, but it just felt so good and I couldn’t control my arms as they pulled the tape tighter and tighter around you,” Judith replied, still trying to regain her breath.

“Mom, that’s bullshit, give me my boobs back.”

Judith contemplated for a moment. 'Maybe… no. I deserve these boobs more than she does. Even if now she has nothing at all… I’m not giving any back.' “No, Lil, I won’t give any of your boobs back,” she said, grinning. “They’re my boobs now.”

After Judith had sauntered out of the room with her daughter's stolen assets, Lilith began to cry. "Why mother? Why could you just stop?" She sobbed. "You just had to take them all, didn't you?" Lilith was now dead inside. "You couldn't just leave me any boob could you, you had to take it all for yourself." Her men’s double-XL t-shirt, now extremely loose, and old bra just made it seem some child was playing dress up in their parents' clothing.

Lilith managed to stop crying long enough to think of something. "I will get my boobs back if its the last thing I do." She vowed.

Meanwhile, Judith had decided to take a bath and explore her daughters' stolen assets. Judith was not stupid and would know if she had left the tape anywhere but near her, Lilith may take advantage of it. So she had stored it safely between her new Tits without Lilith seeing her. Leaving it on the side of the sink and locking the door behind her Judith climbing into the bath.

Lilith went searching for the measuring tape but could not find hide nor hair of it. However, she knew her mother and knew her well. An opportunity would soon present itself to her if she was patient.

While in the bath Judith discovered just how blessed her daughter HAD been, the nipples were so sensitive. She knew the looks she would get, and she welcomed it after her so-called husband had left her for some girl in Wales. The huge boobs would do their job just fine, besides her daughter wouldn't need them as much as she did.

A few weeks later...

Lilith had become truly miserable, never once getting the opportunity to grab the tape and steal back her boobs. Everyone was now ignoring her at school, all the boys hadn't noticed her change and just thought she was some new girl who had started a week back. While Judith had become extremely popular around town dating many guys and more than once bringing them home. She left her normal work in the office shortly after gaining her assets and now work as a part-time stripper by the new of 'Giganta'. She made more money in a week than the girls who were already working there did in a year. And all that time the tape never moved from between her breasts.

'One day, things will change.' Lilith always thought... even though at this point it looked truly hopeless that she would ever get her tits back.

After having yet another guy round to please her and left shortly after they had finished, as Judith could demand anything from men, Judith got up to make breakfast as she did every morning for herself and Lilith, boobs getting in the way and squishing against the countertops. Judith didn't mind this as it reminded her of what she 'owned', Lilith came downstairs for her breakfast always greeted in the exact same way. Her mother would be sat in one of the bar stools, cross-legged, leaning back and eating a piece of toast with all the crumbs spilling into 'her' tits.

"Oh good morning, my daughter." Her mother would say in a sing-song voice after finishing her piece of toast. Lilith hated it as she always had the same thing to say and do. Judith got up and went over to her daughter sat on a bar stool and practically shoved her chest in her face, crumbs spilling all onto Liliths lap. "Be a good girl and clean that up before college, these huge jugs of mine won't let me get that low." Lilith knew this was a lie as she had seen her mother on her hands and knees in front of guys many times, all be it, unfortunately.

Lilith could see the tape measure squeezed between her 'mothers' breasts. However, she knew it was pointless as Judith never removed it from its place and only ever did when she had a bath. She even wore it around her neck while stripping as apparently guys were attracted to it.

After an eventful morning, Lilith finally left for school, even more, miserable than usual as she had now given up hope almost completely. Silently crying to herself, she whispered, "I'll never get them back, they're part of my mother forever." Lilith finally arrived at college and sat alone in the common room waiting for her lessons to start that the day. Suddenly her only 2 friends in the world, appeared beside her, Chloe and Crystal. Chloe was a spritely girl, with blonde hair in a pixie cut, only standing at 5" 4', and C cup breasts and dressing in black to hide her slightly overweight figure. Crystal, on the other hand, was 6" exactly with long hair dyed pink, and DD cup breasts. They were her only friends as they took an immediate notice when she arrived in college with no boobs after hers were the biggest in college the day before. Lilith didn't notice them as she was silently crying to herself again.

"You alright Lilith? You seem worse than normal." Chloe said taking a seat next to Lilith.

"Yeah." Agreed Crystal she rarely said more than a couple of words as she was a girl of few words and kept to herself half the time.

"I've given up all hope of getting my boobs back." Lilith sobbed. "I'm just going to have to accept my mother has stolen my tits permanently, besides they look better on her than me." She lied, they were her boobs they didn't look better on anyone else, there were hers and hers alone. "I've tried everything but she still keeps that stupid tape measure between my boobs." She started crying more now.

Chloe signalled for her and Crystal to give her a hug, and they did a big long one at that.

"We can sort this," Chloe said.

"How?" Lilith complained, "She uses them to strip and get laid. There's no way I could get them back." She cried more and more in her friend's arms.

"I've got an idea." Crystal said, "It's a long shot but it might work."

"What is it?" Lilith cried. "Please tell me!" She was almost yelling.

"Well..." Crystal began "What if we were to go round yours and tell your mother that we are in need of some new bras but don't know are measurements and want her to do it?"

"Crystal, don't be stupid, she'll just say go to Victoria Secret or something and get it done by a professional." Lilith said.

"Actually..." Chloe started "That is not a bad idea."

Lilith was still in denial about the whole plan but decided to give it a whirl anyway. So she sat through yet another painful day of odd looks and the occasional learning phase, Lilith, Chloe and Crystal walked back to Lilith's house to put Crystal's plan in motion. Lilith sighing and complaining all the way. Judith wouldn't be home for a few hours yet, so it gave the girls plenty of time to plan, with Lilith doubting ever second of it.

"Are we sure this will work?" Lilith asked for the twentieth time.

"Yes! Calm your tits." Crystal shouted, almost immediately realising what she had said she apologised. "Sorry, Lilith it just slipped out."

"It's fine." Lilith said with a hint of bitterness. She was getting restless, they all were.

Finally, in what seemed like hours Judith finally came home, Tits uncontrollably bouncing as she walked in the door. "Lilith, honey, I'm home." She cried. The girls were all sitting in Lilith's room, just waiting.

The Plan was finally in motion, Lilith and the girls went down to greet Judith.

"Hello, mother." Lilith began before Judith cut her off entirely with a wave of her hand. Before running her hands down her boobs, making them bounce all over the show. Chloe thought it best to intervene and make this all stop now.

"So... Erm... Judith. Crystal and I were wondering if you would take our measurements as we don't trust the pervs who work in the shops." Chloe managed to half splutter. However it had the desired effect and Judith bought it, albeit with a very sinister smile on her face.

"Of course I can!" Judith said, "It would be a pleasure." 'For me, that is, not you.' she thought deviously. "Which one will go first?" Judith asked. Crystal stepped forward. "Excellent." Judith said, "Now, girls let's give her some privacy please." and with that Lilith and Chloe left the room ready for Crystal's signal. “Now, hold still, dear,” Judith told Crystal, “It’ll be easier to take your measurements if you don’t move so much." Judith smirked as it was almost exactly what she told her daughter when she stole her boobs. Crystal didn't dare move but instead kept her eyes firmly on her own chest waiting to give the signal to the girls, “Last one here, just have to take your bust,” Judith said, Crystal knew what was about to happen, so tried to yell out to the girls who were standing just outside the door but found she couldn't! Judith's hand was clasp firmly over her mouth. Crystal was slowly moved to the kitchen wall, pinned in place by a set of boobs, one hand over her mouth, the other still holding the tape!

"You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?" Judith whispered in a husky tone. "You see, I know my daughter all too well and... well... let's say these beauties have come in mighty handy, so I've picked up a few things."

Crystal was truly terrified now at the thought of losing her boobs to Lilith's mother, who was only getting bigger by the second, while Crystal had shrunk down to a B Cup, yet she couldn't do anything the wall was getting closer due to the flesh that once occupied the space between her and it shrinking, Crystal was hoping for something to stop her at this point, praying even.

Suddenly, Lilith and Chloe stormed into the room guessing something had gone wrong, and boy they weren't wrong. Crystal's boobs were now an A Cup, and still shrinking. Lilith jumped on her mother, grabbing her around the neck and hands, Judith responded by backing away but unfortunately taking the rest of Crystal's boobs with her and losing the tape in the process to her daughter. Chloe managed to sweep Judith's legs out from under by holding on tightly until she fell face first into her boobs on the floor. Lilith responded in one swift motion grabbing the tape and pulling it around her mothers head.

Judith struggled under the weight of 2 teenage girls on her and soon started to feel smaller, not in the tit department but in overall stature. She was losing height. She once stood at a ridiculous 6"5' but had dwindled to a mere 5"9', Lilith let go as soon as she realised she had gained a couple of inches in height now standing almost eye level with Crystal, who was still just standing facing the wall not knowing what to do.

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