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by Twiga
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A Wicked Teen Genius is brought to his knees in the most hilarious way possible!
Corless a Teen Genius and Native of Planet Aqua was the Mastermind behind the Various Mutations in Gotham City...Corless had once been a member of an Environmentalist Group back at Planet Aqua and when the Leader left Aqua for Earth, Corless took the group in a different direction...Rather then merely trying to prefer wildlife as it was the Budding Mad Scientist sought to 'improve' both Humans and Animals so both could reach 'Maximum Potential'

He had come to Gotham City to reform it think Mutating the Citizens into Animal Hybrids would somehow get them to become better people.

However his coup de grace was yet to be unveiled.

In an Abandoned Warehouse he and his Gang had stolen and stored the entire inventory of the Gotham Zoo. The Animals were in tight cramped, cages.

"I thought we was against Animals in cages?" Said one of Corless' lackeys

"This is only temporary." Said Corless "As soon as we have Mutated ourselves we shall set these Animals free."

Corless was a strange youth. He was pale and skinny with dark eyes that sparkled when he was inspired...His most unusual feature was his hair...Most of his hair was a normal brown hair in a short boyish cut but he had this one...It was a cowlick and it wasn't a mere curl...He had this strange...Antenna of hair that stuck out and spiraled a foot above his head.

Two more of his lackeys wheeled in an enormous cage covered by a sheet.

"We got it Boss!" Said his lackeys pulling off the sheet, revealing...An actual fire-breathing dragon!

"At last!" Exclaimed Corless when he saw the great golden dragon, flapping furiously in his cage. "A Beast worthy of my Caliber! Soon I will Mutate myself into a Dragon-Human Hybrid and then..."

"You'll be doing no such thing!" Came a Voice

Corless gasped and saw Ichabod the son of the Scarecrow, Edward Green the son of the Riddler the Humanimals those two had for friends...And those strange Mutant Turtles.

"It's over Corless!" Said Ichabod as he stepped foreward

Two Humanimals...A Texas Longhorn Bull and a Great White Shark loped forward Phasers in hand.

"Shall we Bruce?" Asked The Bull

"We shall Bill." Said the Shark

And the two Gunslinger Humanimals shot the locks off all the Animal Cages freeing the Animals trapped within...

The Dragon burst from his cage in Golden Splendor

"No!" Screamed Corless "My Dragon!"

A Shot blasted one of the tanks of pink mutagen and the pink slime poured down covering Corless, he coughed and spluttered and just as he began to move out of the waterfall of Mutagen a liberated Canadian Porcupine came waddling behind him...Corless tripped and fell...Butt First into the Porcupine...

Oh! None of the heroes had ever seen a mere Human leap like that before! They had seen Kangaroos leap like that, they had seen Frogs leap like that but never Humans!

Corless clutched his behind, several quills were sticking in it...And since the Pink Mutagen was covering him...He began his painful Mutation into a Mutant Porcupine!

The Turtles, the Humanimals and the Humans had never had such good belly laughs defeating a villain before!

As the freshly Mutated Corless was loaded into the Paddy-Wagon...He complained "I'm starving! Someone get me something to eat!" As being Mutated causes the Body to become extremely hungry.

Mikey tossed Corless a large bag of potato chips to get him to stop complaining.
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