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A talking turkey tries to ask a talking chicken for favor
“Hi Eddie, I need to ask you for a favour.”

“Brrrraaaaakkk buk buk buk buk.”

“Come on Edward, I know you can talk.”


“I heard you chatting with Emily yesterday.”

“Puedo hablar pollo pero no puedo hablar Turquía”

“Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish.”

“Je peux parler de poulet mais je ne peux pas parler de la Turquie”

“I don’t speak French either.”

“Doro menageri ichilalehu gini turiki menageri ālichilimi”

“Or Aramaic…try English”

“Blimey! I can speak chicken but I cannot talk Pinky an' Perky. Nuff said, yeah?”

“Proper English please; I don’t understand cockney rhyming slang.”

“I said “I can speak Chicken but I can’t talk Turkey.” All that gobbling is enough to turn into a Goblin.”

“Be that as it may, I need to ask you for a favour. I’ve got to go out of the farm tonight on an amore with…”

“Wheeeeeen the sun hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, that’s amore….”

“Yes quite, well I was wondering…”

“When the world seems to shine like you’ve had too much wine, that’s amore…”

“I was wondering if you would take my place in the shed while I…”

“Bells will ring ding-a-ding…take your place? Hey, you just hold the phone buster. I’m part of the Amalgamated Poultry Union, and they would blacklist me as a scab if the caught me undermining their demarcation policies and fraternising with a big-bird.”

“You’re part of a Union?”

“Darn right…oh, you won’t scare me. I’m part of the union, until the day I die! Until the day I die!”

“Look, just forget it…I’ll go ask someone else.”

“Good luck…two, four, six, eight kick the gobbler out the gate!”


“Brrrraaaaakkk buk buk buk buk.”
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