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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Comedy · #2141378
How can anything ever be the same again? Comedy, Flash Fiction, W/C-269
This was the first day of the rest of our lives.

At first, I was simply aggravated. I’d seen this go from curiosity to a necessity. People could cut out landlines or cable television from their lives without noticing, but this? Everyone had this, because it was needed, like the necessity of water to a fish. My aggravation gave way to a deep anger. I knew, in my bones, this was a conspiracy. The government, no bigger like the Illuminati, took this away. I paced the room cursing against these sinister overlords. I emptied my vocabulary spitting out every vile phrase that crossed my mind. It may have been a satisfying temporary release, but it quickly sank in that nothing had changed.

I checked all my connections and wires, over and over, making sure nothing was out of place. Nothing changed, those words seeming to gain sentience and turn over in my head as a damning mantra crushing my hope. Yell at the walls, examine all the hook-ups, nothing changed.

Out of ideas, I pleaded to the Heavens. This couldn’t be taken away from us, right? It’d be cruel and inhumane. It would be taking the crutches away from a man with a broken leg or giving a man sight who had been blind since birth only to make him blind once again. This would be our end. How would we ever know anything again?

The screen flashed at me its mocking phrase, “The website could not be found.”

The computer is broken.

It’s broken, and I don’t know when, if ever, it’ll be fixed again.

Now, we pray.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2141378