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A Fairytale Revisited
Over the Moon

There once was a tale about a spoon
That somehow jumped over the moon
Instead quite a different story to relate
A dog, a turkey, and their ultimate fate
This canine whose name was Dimitri
Had an overabundance of energy
Dimitri, part Sheppard and Lab
Blessed he was, with the gift of gab
He grumbled, groaned, and talked to you
In a voice that sounded like Scooby Doo

Dimitri, always danced and pranced
Unable to walk, when he advanced
His large swooshing tail was obnoxious
Clearing tables with a wag, was atrocious
Sending all things within reach to sail
With just a stroke of his mighty tail
The beast so large,could be obtrusive
Creating havoc, and sometimes a nuisance
But with a heart of gold, as the story told
Canine friend to all, quite a pup to behold

Thanksgiving Day was soon to be
Traditional holiday spent with family
Now along came a turkey named Sam
Destined to be the slaughtered lamb
He managed to avoid the oven hot
If he didn't act soon, he'd be in a spot
Mom eyed up Sam, as the meal she prepped
No dummy was Sam, he knew what came next
Quickly he thought of the large family pet
Dimitri could save him from this bodily threat

Sam called to his friend, with his turkey talk
In danced Dimitri, cause he couldn't just walk
To the dog, the poultry sang his sad song
Killing the bird was so very wrong
"Rhut Ro" the woeful pooch declared
For his birdie friend, he was mighty scared
Cooking the turkey just didn't seem fair
With a swoop of the tail, Sam flew through the air
Now came such a sight, for the neighbors to see
The dog ran away with the fowl feast to be

"As the pair escaped, they were heard to say
"Hey, diddle, diddle move out of our way"
"This is no riddle, they'll be after us soon"
"Forget the spoon, let's fly over the moon"

I should probably read all the contest rules first but it turned out cute anyway!
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