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This is the second month is this challenge. Sorry it's so late in being posted.
Month Two: Infrastructure

Due: November 1st at 11:59 p.m. WDC Time

*BurstR* Is this a Utopian, Dystopian, or something in between kind of world?

All the planets that Planet Creation is trying to help are all different. Yet, they are also the same. I consider all of them to be Dystopian because they are overpopulated.

Kausuin is probably the worse when it comes to overpopulation. They are so overpopulated that they must walk wherever they go. And even that is difficult because Kausuins are everywhere. They are advance enough for hovercrafts, and they do have them. But there is very little, if any, space for them to land. True, some can land of rooftops, but most of the roofs are slanted.

Borract is also a Dystopian planet because of they are so over populated. They aren’t as bad as the Kausuins. But they are still very overpopulated.

Glestom is almost as bad as the Kausuins when it comes to being overpopulated. But it’s only almost. The biggest difference between the two is that the Kausuins are more advanced that the Glestoms are. True, the Glestom is an advanced planet. But they are more like we are here on Earth than the Kausuins. They don’t have hovercraft technology yet.

Soltol is probably the least overpopulated than all the others that Planet Creation is trying to help. But they are still so overpopulated that they do need help. They just need it as bad as some of the others do.

Pulvonic isn’t as overpopulated as the planet of Kausuin. Yet, it is. Their planet is smaller than most. So, it may look like they are as overpopulated as the Kausuins are, but they are. In fact, they might be even more overpopulated because of their planet’s size.

Vohn is a planet that is more overpopulated than the Kausuins are. At least some think that they are because they are so thin while the Kausuins are bulkier. They aren’t fat or overweight, just bigger.

Kausuin is also like Utopians. So, are they others. That because even though they are overpopulated and are asking for help, they still think that they are better than everyone else.

*BurstR* What is the transportation system like? This includes things like roads, paths, vehicles, systems (like subways, trains, etc.). (Maybe you can add to your map!)

Most populated planets in the universe have roads and paths. But there are several billion that don’t have either. As for vehicles and systems, those planets that have roads probably have vehicles too. And most have systems of some kind. Even the ones that don’t have roads most of them have systems. It maybe only one or many. But they have them.

Kausuin is a planet that used to have millions of roads and billions of paths. But that was before they became an over populated planet.

Borract is a lot like the Kausuins. They used to have roads and paths. But they don’t have them anymore because they are so overpopulated. As for vehicles and systems, they used to have them too. They don’t anymore.

Glestom still have roads and paths. They even have vehicles and systems too. But they are so overpopulated that they aren’t being used anymore. At least they aren’t for the given purpose.

Soltol have never had roads, paths, or systems because they live in a Water World. They can swim wherever they want to go go. True, they do have single, family, and group vehicles. But they don’t really need them or use them much anymore.

Pulvonic is a planet that used to have several million roads and paths. Some of them are still there. But they aren’t in use anymore because of overpopulation. That’s true for their vehicles too. They never had a system before.

Vohn is a lot like the Glestoms. They still have their roads, paths, vehicles, and systems. Several million roads and paths. And there are a lot of them still being used. But most of them aren’t because of overpopulation.

Kausuin also has vehicles and system. But like most of the other overpopulated planets they aren’t being used anymore. That’s especially true when it comes to vehicles.

*BurstR* What businesses/jobs/trades are there? Are they class based/determinate of class?

Planet Creation doesn’t know too much about the planets that they help. And they don’t really care. All that they care about is what the planet looks like. That is what they are re-creating, not their ecomony.

Kausuin is a planet that has a lot of various kinds of businesses. But they don’t really have jobs. And that because they are advanced enough that they don’t need jobs. Most of their businesses are technology-controlled.

Borract have a lot of businesses on their planet too. And most of them are still operational. Those that are in operation do have jobs within them. Most of the Borracts have jobs. But they have a lot of trouble getting to and from them because of their overpopulation.

Glestom don’t have a lot of businesses. It’s only a couple of millions of them. But what businesses that they do have do have jobs for the Glestoms. The Glestoms also have a lot of trades. Not as many as they used to before overpopulation took over, but they still have them.

Soltol also don’t have a lot of businesses. But the businesses that they do have also have jobs associated with them. They are advance enough that the Soltols don’t need jobs. And most of them don’t have them. But there are a lot that do it anyway.

Pulvonic have a lot of jobs. But they only have a few million businesses for those jobs. So, there is a lot of competition for them. Add that to the overpopulation problem that they have, and they are in a lot of trouble.

Vohn is a planet that has a whole lot of businesses. In fact, out of these six it’s the one that has the most businesses of them all. And there are a whole lot of jobs with each one of those businesses too.

Kausuin is like the other five planets above. They don’t have any classes. At least none that Planet Creation are aware of.

*BurstR* What kind of government is in place? What political entities exist? How does it function? Is it effective?

Government and leadership are basically the same thing. Some planets call themselves government. But most are call Leaders or leadership. Whatever they are called, they are managed and controlled the same way.

Kausuin is a planet that has only one leader for the whole planet. He or she, usually a she, control the planet from a SpaceStation in orbit around it.

Borract have multiple Leaders. Each one of The Lands have a Leader. And together they lead the planet. It’s sort of like our Congress, Senate and House of Representatives. Only there is no President to answer to.

Glestom is a planet that is very similar to Borract. But there are a lot more Leaders. Several on each Land Mass. There may be several. But there is one main one. Also like Borract, the Leaders on Glestom all work together as one.

Soltols is a lot like the Kausuins. They only have one Leader that leads the whole planet. Only their Leader doesn’t run the planet from orbit. Their Leader runs it from the Territories. Never the same Territory more than one month. And only the Leader knows which Territory they will be in next.

Pulvonic is a planet that only has one Leader. And they do run the whole planet. But they don’t do it alone. There are several hundred Co-Leaders. Each one of them represent about ten Surfaces. They are the Leaders of those Surfaces. And along with the Leader of the planet they run the planet together. But the Leader has the final say on everything.

Vohn don’t really have a Leader. They have representatives. There are several million of them. And any one of them can represent the whole planet.

Kausuin’s Leader isn’t the only one who lives on that spaceship. Representatives from all over Kausuin also live there. They help the Leader to run that planet.

*BurstR* What is the currency (or possibly there is a barter system)?

True, Planet Creation doesn’t know what kind of currency all the planets they are trying to help. But they do about all six of these planets. They also know that each planet has several types of currencies. And that they go by different names. But they all are about the same. They are paper and or coins. Some have one or the other. And some have both.

Kausuin has both types. And there are several of them. They go by different names. But they all mean the same thing. The one that is most dominate are called Dytons and Mivims.

Borract only have coin type currencies. But there are several names for them depending on where they live on that planet. The coins are a lot like the ones here on Earth. There are two differences though. One is that some are round, and some are small squares. The second difference is that they are dollar amounts instead of change amounts.

Glestom is a lot like the Borracts. They also have several names for their paper. But they only have paper. And their paper comes in assorted colors and denominations. They are like ours when it comes to denominations. Plus a few that we don’t have. The color determines what those denominations are.

Soltol also only have coin types of currency. And they do have a few. But not as many as all the others do. They also only have one type, round ones. But they have varied sizes. Those sizes determine what denominations they are. The denominations range from one to one thousand.

Pulvonic have both types of currencies too. And like the other planets, there are several names for them. The denominations are also like the other planets. They also have one main type of currency names. The one that the Pulvonics have are called Covorans and Tullics.

Vohn have only paper currency too. And are several of them. They come in all kind have shapes and sizes. Their shapes and sizes determine their denominations. There are two basics shapes, oblong about the size of ours and round ones.

Kausuins is like the other five planets represented here. It doesn’t matter what kind of currency they have or their names for it. Planet Creation doesn’t exactly deal in currency. But Planet Creation can convert what the planets they are helping into what they can use.

*BurstR* What is the economic climate like (is there a depression? is everyone flourishing? is there a huge gap between classes?)?

Except for being overpopulated, all the planets that Planet Creation is trying to help are doing okay. At least most of them are. These six planets are. But some of the others aren’t doing as good. Some are suffering from depression and despair. And some are having trouble between the different part of their society. There are even some that are at war with each other.

Kausuin’s biggest problem still is overpopulation. But that has caused some depression among the population. It has also caused some problems within the various parts of society.

Borract have always had an overpopulation problem. It hasn’t been as bad as it is now. But they have had one for several thousands of years. They have also had a depression and despair problem. And it has affected their parts of society. So far it hasn’t caused any wars. But they have come close several times.

Glestom is new to overpopulation. It came on them gradually, but over time. One second they were a normal population planet. And the next they had an overpopulation. Depression and despair also came about gradually. But so far, they haven’t had too many problems with the parts of society and war.

Soltol is a planet that has always had an overpopulation too. It’s not as bad as Borract. But it is bad. Soltol has only had this problem for a few hundred years. They are like the Glestoms too. Their planet has had depression and despair that has come gradually.

Pulvonic haven’t had too much of a problem with depression and despair because of their overpopulation problem. But they have had a lot of it. Their main problem besides overpopulation has been parts of society and wars. They have had a lot of problems with conflicts with society and war

Vohn’s biggest problem has been overpopulation. But they have had a lot of problems with depression and despair. They have also had quite a bit of problems with various parts of society and wars, especially war. The Vohns have tried everything that they can think of to solve their overpopulation problem.

Kausuin isn’t a War Planet. And they haven’t had any problems with each other, yet. But they have come close several times. Some have been after the overpopulation problem began. And some happened before it began.

*BurstR* What is the education system like?

Planet Creation still doesn’t know too much about the education systems that are on the planets they are trying to help. But they don’t really need to know that to help them. The only reason why they ask this question is because they need to know the different structures on that planet. Both the number of them and their sizes.

Kausuin doesn’t have an education system. Because of their overpopulation, the Kausuins have started home-learning their Young Ones. They still have several thousand Learning Centers. But they are used for other things now.

Borract is a planet that has a lot of Life Lesson Centers. And despite their overpopulation problem, they still have a strong belief in preparing the Under Twenty Borracts for their future roles of adults. They help them to learn about their past. And their presents. But their futures too.

Glestom is a lot the Kausuins because they home-learn their children. But they are also like the Borracts because they have a strong belief in their children. They don’t have as many of their learning centers as the Kausuins have. Only the ones that they do have are still in operation as learning centers.

Soltol also doesn’t have an education system. Each adult family member is responsible for their children. It’s up to them to learn them everything that they need to learn about their past, their present, and their futures.

Pulvonic is a War Planet. One part or another is always at war with each other. So, there isn’t much time for any education. Not even for basic education. But they do have it. It’s a lot like the Glestoms and the Soltols. Most of the education is personalized. But a lot of it is also war related.

Vohn is a planet that has one of the best, if not the best, education systems Planet Creation has ever seen. Despite their overpopulation problem they still have a normal education system. There are several thousand Learning Centers on Vohn.

Kausuin’s Young One learn about their past and life from the adults in their lives. But they learn about living among each other from those their own age. They learned from each other when it came to social and interactive relationships too.

*BurstR* What societies are there? What social classes?

Like their educational systems, Planet Creation doesn’t know too much about the planets they are trying to help when it comes to their societies and social classes. Also like the education system question, it’s not something Planet Creation really needs to know to help them. Most of the planets they are helping they know a little bit about. But not all of them. These six are among those that Planet Creation does know something about.

Kausuin do have some societies. Planet Creation doesn’t know how many that they have. But they do know they have a lot of them. They just don’t know how many the Kausuins have. Planet Creation is slowly learning more about this question as they pursue helping the Kausuins, though.

Borract have both societies and social classes too. And they are very open about them. There are only four social classes. They range from poor to wealthy. The number of societies are still unknown. But Planet Creation knows there are a whole lot of them.

Glestom only have social classes on their planet. They used to have societies too. But social classes took over a few thousand years ago. And they have been like that ever since then. There are a lot of classes. In fact, there are about a hundred of them. And they range from very poor to extremely wealthy.

Soltol is a lot like the Glestoms. They have a lot of social classes. It’s only about a tenth of the Glestoms. But that’s more than most planets have. What makes them different from the Glestoms is that they also have societies. They don’t have a lot of them. But they do have them.

Pulvonic is a planet that has both societies and social classes too. They only have five social classes. And they range from near starvation to extremely well off. But they have a lot of societies. Planet Creation doesn’t know how many that they have, but it’s a lot.

Vohn is a lot like the Glestoms too. But instead of only social classes, they have societies. They do have one social class, though. All the Vohns are treated equal. It doesn’t matter how much they make for a living. They can be very poor to wealthy. But they are all treated the same.

Kausuin also have social classes. Once again, Planet Creation
Doesn’t know what they are or how many there are. But they do know that they have some of them. They also know those social classes clashed with each other because of the overpopulation problem. Planet Creation just doesn’t know how they clashed over it, yet.

*BurstR* What trade system is in place (between societies, countries, planets, etc.)?

Almost every inhabited planet in the universe has having a trade system of some kind. Some only trade between societies, land masses, countries, continents, territories, regions, whatever they are called. But there are quite a few that also trade with other planets. Most of the planets that Planet Creation is trying to help only deal with their own planet. But there are quite a few that go off-world. These six have a mixture of both planet-only and offworld.

Kausuin is a planet that do a lot of trading with other each other. At least they did before their overpopulation problem began. After that started it almost became non-existent. They still do some trading with each other. But not as much now.

Borract has always done trading among themselves for as long as anyone can remember. Even after the overpopulation problem began they still traded with each other. It’s just not as much now. They do have a lot of space travel experience. But they don’t when it comes trading.

Glestom is one of those planets that don’t have any Space travel or trading. Planet Creation is the first time any of them have been off their planet. They have a lot of experience with trading among each other, though. But like most planets it isn’t as good once the overpopulation problem began.

Soltol has had some trading with each other.. It has been very limited. Trading has been difficult since they live on a Water World. Once the overpopulation problem began, it got even worse. The Soltols have never left their world. At least they didn’t until Planet Creation came to help them.

Pulvonic is a War Planet. So, there isn’t any trading among each other. They do within their own groups. But not with other groups. In fact, their trade system has caused a lot of the warring on that planet. That warring hasn’t just limited to Pulvonic. It has branched out into Space a lot too.

Vohn is one of those planets that have had a lot of dealings with both trading on Vohn and off it. They have been trading to each other for centuries. But they have only been trading off world for a few hundred years. Once their overpopulated problem began it got harder to trade. They still do it, though.

Kausuin haven’t done any trading off-world. In fact, they haven’t done any space travel yet. They barely knew that other planets were populated. Most of the Kausuins was just starting to believe in the existence of other planet populations when Planet Creation showed up to help them.

*BurstR* Have there been any wars or friction between political entities?

Almost every populated planet in the universe have wars on them. They may or may not be political wars. Some of them are. But most of them aren’t. A lot depends on how big their population are. The younger they are, the worse the wars were. But the more advanced they are, the more advanced they are. All the planets that Planet Creation are trying to help are the more advanced ones. Some of them are political and some aren’t. And that includes these six planets.

Kausuin hasn’t had a lot of wars over the centuries. But they have had quite a few more than most planets. Most of them have been over land masses disputes. And some have been about their overpopulation problem.

Borract has had some wars in their past. But there haven’t been too many of them. And the ones that they have had most of them haven’t been political. A few of them have been political. But most haven’t.

Glestom hasn’t had too many wars over the centuries. But the ones that they have had have been mostly political. There have been a lot that haven’t been political. And most of them that weren’t political is because of their overpopulation problem.

Soltol hasn’t had any political wars. There also haven’t had too many non-political wars. But there have been a few. And the ones that they have had have been big ones. They lost a lot of there population during those wars. But not enough of them.

Pulvonic is a War Planet. There have always been a war going on there for centuries, at least one of them. But most of the time there have been several of them going on at once. None of them have been political. All of them have been territorial.

Vohn has had a lot of wars on their planet. And a few of them have been political. But all of them have happened before their overpopulation problem began. In fact, their overpopulation problem may have saved their lives.

Kausuin has had a few political related wars. And even some religious involved wars. But most of them haven’t been. The ones that have been political have been more fierce and deadly than all the others.

*BurstR* Anything else you can think of that falls into this category.

Planet Creation has asked a lot of questions to those planets they are trying to help. And all of them are needed for Planet Creation to help them. All of them have been answered too. But not all of them have been answered completely. They have only answered some of them basically. Planet Creation really needs all these questions answered completely. Even if they don’t pertain to them. It helps Planet Creation re-create their new planets to their specifications.

Kausuin is a planet that has tried to answer all their questions completely. Even though they don’t understand why they need to do it. There have been a few that they haven’t answered too good. They have just been basically answered. But they have been answered.

Borract doesn’t mind answering all these questions. They just want to find another planet to colonize. And if these questions help them to find the perfect planet for them they are more than willing to answer them.

Glestom also doesn’t mind answering these questions. But they aren’t as willing to do it as much as the Borracts. They are also trying to find the planet to help with their overpopulation problem. And they know they will do it with a lot of help from Planet Creation.

Soltol is a lot like the Kausuins. They don’t understand why they need to answer all these questions. But they are also like the Borracts and the Glestoms. The Soltols also don’t mind answering all these questions.

Pulvonic is from one of those planets who haven’t helped Planet Creation as much as they should with finding them a new planet. They have answered all those questions. But most of them have just been basic answers.

Vohn hasn’t liked answering any of these questions. But now they are glad that they have. After all, Planet Creation has finally found them their new Vohn planet. Now all Planet Creation needs to do is re-create for them.

Kausuin thinks that all these questions are stupid. But they think that checking out these four planets are a waste of their time too. All they want is another planet to live one. And they don’t care which planet it is.

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