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by Kami
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first time.If it does good I will continue Shi adventure.
My name is Shinigami i'm 16 and I live on the planet zeboko that has a main population of aliens. Earth was getting too crowded with over population so the governments around the world made universal space travel project. The project was such a success in finding another planet for humans to live on that the astronauts found alien life form. Though this all took place before I was born my family keep track of history from generations to generations so the ones after us know what happened when we lived and what we did. Despite all what we know history is manipulated, cheated, or forgotten and know one believes my family's history knowledge because it could be fake but we still do it so the ones after us know the truth and not lies told by others that were fed that garbage.

"Shinigami wake up it's Monday and we can't be late on our first day of school" ; I get up slowly due to the tired feeling and the loud crazy sister Reyna. I get ready and walk out the door with my sister who has finally been accepted into my high school that only allows students that are famous, smart, creative, and/or have magic like me. Due to the wars and atmosphere changes on many planets some people obtain power but it's so rare that a person with magical powers is worth 300,000 dollars on the black market. My classes are normal classes with my sister but I have two classes that train me in magic and focus mostly through meditation.

I make it to my first class which is my least favorite subject of all....algebra. My teacher is a thirty old man, bold on the top a little, and somewhat chubby. For the whole class we did introductions and got to know each other since i'm going to be with the same students in every class: he told how the school gives us points that we can use to buy food or whatever what we want based on the class grades in the classes. All the classes go by slowly as if the world is slowing down until it reached lunch time which is my favorite time of all. I walk to the cafeteria where there are lines so long that I might die before reaching the front to eat. I start chanting a invisible spell which can only last three minutes before the guards find out what i'm doing and embarrass me in front of everyone by dragging me out and take a few points from me.

Half way up the line there is a guard heading towards me most likely checking the students to make sure no one is skipping like me. I squeeze myself in the line at the last second deactivating the spell so I don't get caught and despite all the people silently cursing at me and giving me death stares the guard keeps walking as if he doesn't see anything. I activate the spell again this time making it to the front, buying the most average priced food which is sushi my favorite, and make it to a table without the guards ever knowing I skipped. People that walk by give me glares probably because I skipped but they can't prove so why should I care it's not like i'm trying to meet friends here it's a waste of time. I put my headphones on and fall asleep only to get woken up by Reyna who has a smile on her face like Christmas morning and i'm the present.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2141570