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Bird songs are a delight to listen to. Weither it is in the morning or any time.
Have you ever heard a bird sing? Why do birds sing? Many birds sing for a reason. What we thought could be songs at times might probably be an expression of bird-like emotions or communication.
When we look at birds that do sing, they do so., not because they have an answer, but because they have a song. Birds don't seem to worry. Why would they even worry? They have nothing to worry about because the God of heaven cares for them. There is always foods for them, their coverings, full of charm and attraction are okay to them. Though, birds need no clothes, their plush feathers serve them valuable benefits.
So, we as humans should take a cue from the birds. Worry not about life issues, be hopeful and cast your burdens upon the almighty., for sorrow may endure for the night but joy cometh in the morning.
Finally, we should be like birds that sing, not because they have an answer, but because they have A SONG.
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