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This is my progress report that goes along with my Thanksgiving Week 2017 goals...
Purpose of modification made on March 24, 2018 was to take this out of private mode and put into nonrestrictive viewing. I'm doing this with a number of items and entries that were either accidentally left in private viewing mode by mistake or else left in it to either be added to later to finish them or else were put into private mode after being in public mode because I had replaced them with an update and didn't want to cause chaos by having them both operating. Now, however, I'm just posting them as they are.

Unless otherwise noted, any modifications made after this time would be ones of a technical nature such as changing rating/reviewing instructions or moving to another folder.




Bit of trivia for you:

There actually IS a State Park   right here in Indiana   that goes by the name of Turkey Run State Park  .

However, this item has nothing to do with the park beyond being a play-on-words -- i.e. This is a running report in regards to the goals that I set for myself to get done during Thanksgiving Week (and Thanksgiving   is frequently referred to -- at least, in the United States of America / USA   version -- by the slang name of Turkey Day  ).

This is what I turned in on Tuesday (a day late, but, at least, I got this first part done this week)...

PeepholePromises (or) HereWeGoAgain ...  (13+)
It's Thanksgiving Week 2017 -- And I'm thankful to being at least a bit more caught-up...
#2141365 by AJ wants U 2 meet The CanMan!

Upon reading this, you'll see that I set goals for myself to get as many as possible finished throughout the week with a progress report being turned in on Friday -- and this progress report just happens to be it,

Of course, my thoughts were to have as many of the goals as I could possibly meet actually be finished by or before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, November 24, 2017 -- and with...

*RainbowL* A L L *RainbowR*

...goals (including the grand-opening of "THE BIG PROJECT") being met by no later than 11:59 p.m. on Sunday. With the whole weekend available for me to focus on this, I believe that I'll either have met these goals 100% (and even going over in some ways) or will, at least, come very close and will be ready to make out a new bunch of goals for the following week.

Let's just see how it goes...





It's now drawing close to three in the afternoon, and, while I might not have completed everything that I set out to do, at least, I'm on my way there and staying active.

The last thing I've done (to date) is fixing up this form that I'm going to be using to record various activities between now and 11:59 p.m. on Sunday.

""God Willing & The Creek Don't Rise..." I should have everything done by then. I was able to get some new blog-entries finished before noon today (some last night and some this morning), and you can find more information about this by clicking on the bitem near the top of this page and continuing to click on the bitems.

You can also click on hyperlinks with some of them leading to finished pieces and other ones leading to promises waiting to be kept.

This is all I'm going to be saying for now, as I have some traveling around to do in order to get things done.


It's now a little after 3:30 p.m., and I've just finished writing this:

I'll be back to write and share the second part a little later...









I did a few things but never got over here to record any of them. It's now Sunday, so I'll go to the next panel to make a report...







It's now the last day of this weekend, & I'm wondering just how much I'll be getting done today. Yesterday, I finished one blog-entry and set up the framework for some others. It's now a little after six in the morning. Most of my focus yesterday was on Twitter -- though I DO have a reviewing template very close to being finished...

And here's the sequel to the entry I made on Friday -- the sequel that I'd originally planned to write and post later that day:

I'm going to return to this progress report sometime between five and six to report on my progress -- unless I actually end up getting "THE BIG PROJECT" grand-opened before then. I'll make another report here between ten and eleven tonight. Finally, I'll finish writing updates on this sheet by or before 6 a.m. on Monday morning...

(stay tuned)



Question: What's this (referring to link right below this question)!?!


Answer: This (referring to link right above this answer) is a code I use to create the hyperlinks in the body of work. In case you want to create your own, you'll need to close up the spaces in the code, but I'm going to share the sequence with you where Writing ML has been used...

{ x-link : URL } { font : courier } { size : 4 } { b } { c : lgreen } NAME { / c } { / b } { / size } { / font } { / x-link }

Of course, you can change color, font, size, etc. to suit your own choices. Also, when it comes to the NAME part, you can use spaces, punctuation, characters there. However, there should be no spaces between the different parts of the Writing ML code.
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