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2 women tortured. Detective Nick gets insight to how they really died,
He sighed, then spoke softly, his voice trailing into silence. "We never expected - " and yet again he finds himself speechless, unable to regain his train of thought. Why wasn't he able to recall the words he had spent hours rehearsing to himself during his long, never-ending drive? He had been rehearsing so that he wouldn't forget a single detail when he finally arrived at his destination. As he stood there baffled, pondering his thoughts attempting to recall what it was he was trying to say, he was abruptly disconnected from his train of thought by the voice of the man that stood in the den surrounded by his grieving household.
The AI answered, its voice perfectly modulated. "We know." As those words filled detective Nicks' ears he then began to remember what it was he was trying to say all along. But how, how could he possibly already know what he was going to say before he spoke it. Never in his whole career as a detective with the Abbigail city police department has he seen anyone this calm after finding out the gruesome details of their mother and daughters' massacre.
As Nick tries to conjure up a response he gets rushed out of the home before a word could escape his lips he found himself on the front porch as the door was slammed right in his face. He stood there on the porch puzzled at the events just taken place, after a moment he slowly turned toward the dark gravel driveway where his car remained parked by the large fountain and proceeded to his vehicle. Once Nick was in his car he pulled out his notepad and jotted down the reaction of The Al. Nick then began to contemplate how a crime like this occurred without anyone noticing, Nick zoned out getting lost in his thoughts. Then without warning images of the girl burned in his mind and as he rubbed his eyes trying to distort the images he suddenly realized the sleep deprivation finally caught up with him and when he was trying to recall where the last place he saw a motel was, he passed out his head slamming against the steering wheel.
Nick then wakes up in a strange room the sun high in the sky beaming through the curtains lighting up the entire room that almost seems like it belongs to a teenage girl. The walls contained posters of popular boy bands, as well as pictures of a beautiful young girl and handsome gentleman lined the mirror, dresser and bedside table. He sat up in bed and could see himself in the mirror. He immediately jumped up and ran to the mirror in disbelief. Once closer to the mirror and had the realization that he wasn't hallucinating he let out a loud, ear piercing scream. He wasn't detective Nick anymore, he was now Betsy the girl where in his reality was brutally murdered March 20th, 1993.
Nick well "Betsy" was frightened when her mother Sylvia threw open Betsy' bedroom door with excessive force with an expression of complete confusion and concern as to why her daughter was screaming. Betsy told Sylvia that she saw a bug, If she told her mom what was really going on she'd probably take out involuntary commitment papers on her. As the day progressed things seemed a little off to her. Betsy felt like she was being watched but couldn't see anyone so she just brushed it off. Before she knew it 2 weeks had done went by and life was doing what seemed like normal. The day of March 20th Betsy woke up and did her normal morning routine. Getting dressed, hair, makeup then down to the dining room where she joined her mother for breakfast. That morning they ate their breakfast in silence and finally Sylvia broke the silence and asked Betsy if she wanted to have a girls day, Betsy agreed. Sylvia stood up from the dining table and hurried to the phone and made a few phone calls.
About an hour later a long black limo appeared outside and picked up the two women to drive them around wherever they wanted to go. First, they went to the nail and hair salon, when they got back into the limo they noticed the limo driver acting a little peculiar but ignored it and didn't bother paying it any mind. After the driver departed the salon the girls believed they were heading to the movie theatre. Little to their knowledge they would be brutally massacred that night never to make it to the movie theatre.
As the driver made his way through town he rigged the air vents to release a toxic gas to put the girls in a deep death-like sleep. When the girls awoke, they awoke in a strange room strapped to a bed standing straight up and down. Across from them sit a long wooden table with various torturing devices and the longer they were left there the more they realized their fate. Roughly after four hours being conscious in this torture chamber, three men burst into the room with evil devilish smiles on their faces. They ask Sylvia to choose between Betsy's life or her own. Of course, Sylvia hesitated for a moment then out of nowhere pure selfishness takes over and she tells them to kill Betsy. Two of the men begin talking amongst each other about who will torture who, the third man was masked while handling a video camera to catch every bit of their sweet death on tape to go back and reminisce upon it later. Betsy begins crying and yelling hysterically unable to get her words out clearly. One of the men belched out a loud evil villainy laugh and walked towards the wooden table full of torture toys. He grabs a pair of rusty kitchen shears and walks up to Betsy, pulls her tongue from out her mouth and cuts it out. At that moment Sylvia knew that this was no joking matter and the odds of her making it out alive weren't in her favor. At that moment one of the other men approached Sylvia and started breaking her fingers. She screamed in pain and begged him to stop. The men then leave the room and let them suffer for a while. A day passes and the men return with HUGE plastic sheets and ducktape. The man who was torturing Betsy punches her in the gut to bring her to consciousness and throws a pot of scalding hot water on her, to where her skin is boiling off her bones while she makes her best attempt to scream in pain. As far as Sylvia she was stabbed 10 times in her torso. The 2 men stepped back and questioned Sylvia if she knew why this was happening to them. Out of everyone in the world why them. She was clueless, so the murderer cut her tongue out as well so when he finally explained what they did to deserve such a fate she couldn't argue or try and make excuses for her actions. The man proceeded to tell the women what they did. They were reminded of what they did to ruin a young girls life. Sylvia had tortured a young girl by beating her and degrading her so bad it ruined her whole future everything she could have been was gone. So now Sylvia is getting punished, by being tortured to death. Betsy, on the other hand, committed treason she betrayed her real family and decided to live with Sylvia and disowned her real family and claimed Sylvia as her real mother.
Now one of the men go back to the wooden table and pick up a chainsaw, they start it up and approach Betsy. He begins by sawing off her legs, then her arms as shes bleeding out barely holding on to a life he cuts her skin off her face and removes her eyeballs. He then walks up to Sylvia and makes her choke on Betsy' eyeballs til she suffocates, but the men bring her back to life so she can suffer more. The last final torture device is a lawnmower, the men take a push mower and push it over Sylvia's' body till she's no longer thrashing around lying there in a large puddle of her own blood. Once both women are dead they're wrapped in the plastic sheets and transported to their family home and displayed for the rest of the family to view so they can see what will happen if they make the same mistake as the two women.
At that moment Nick awoke from his nightmare. Nick believes that his dream was his chance to see it through her eyes and see what really happened to her. Nick is still in the car where he was when he originally fell asleep. He immediately looks in the mirror and lets out a huge sigh of relief when he realizes he's back in his own body. Nick cranks his car so that he can leave and head home and once he cranks his car it explodes and explodes everything within 500 feet as well.

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