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Two guys playing a video game notice one of the characters acting oddly.
                                                 Name of the                                        Game / E.J.Patton

"Oh, for fuck Sake!" The guy with the beard shook his controller at the television as his bearded character on the screen was torn to shreds by a wolf-like creature."-DEFEATED.-" Announced the screen in angry red letters. The creature that was a wolf but not a wolf danced around the bloody pieces parts left on the screen in a victory dance that was only meant for a holographic monster.
"Hey Will," said the voice that came from the patio. "Your not yourself when you're hungry." The voice belonged to a slightly smaller, less furry guy with short blond hair. With him came the smell of food which encouraged Will to loosen his death grip on his controller. He dropped it on the sofa cushion next to him in exchange for the small bit of nourishment that was handed to him impaled on a sharp stick.
"This is a kabob, Shawn, not Snickers." Will said studying the small bits of hot dog and whatever that thing was there and there. He touched the sharp end of the kabob and looked at his friend his eyebrows raised. "You just handed me a weapon knowing I was violently hangry and only a snickers could..." Shawn reached into his left cargo pocket and tossed the Snickers bar that was hiding there on the couch next.
"Now don't stab me," Shawn said. "I'm not the one to blame for your terrible gaming skills."
"And I'm not the one to blame for your terrible cooking skills," replied Will. He had eaten all the hot dog bits off of his kabob and left the other lumps of mystery meat to finish the process dying. He took one bit off to examine. The bit promptly jumped out of his hand bounced twice on the coffee table and crawled under the couch where it could safely lick its wounds and possibly raise a family of its own. Will looked at Shawn with concern as Shawn looked equally concerned at the new stain on the floor. He too had only eaten half of his kabob. He set it down carefully on the coffee table in front of him as if to not startle it into attacking. Will pointed towards the escaped meat. "What the fuck was that?" Shawn shook his head.
"I honestly don't know. I found it in the freezer." Will's face was of someone who had just survived attempted murder. "We can always order out," Shawn suggested.
"I've lost my appetite, shawny." Will confessed. He picked up his controller off the couch, looked towards the screen and froze. On the screen, the non-wolf that had devoured Will's character to begin with, had stopped dancing and was crouched down staring straight at Will through the screen with its four red eyes. "Shawn." Will said something in his voice trembled. "Do you see this?" He had not removed his gaze from the T.v. Screen. The wolf was still crouching, unmoving. Its front legs shaped more like emaciated human arms then wolfs front legs. Shawn had picked up his controller and was fiddling with the buttons.
"It's not resetting Will," Shawn said over his shoulder. He dropped his controller and stooped down next to the gaming system; his hand rested lightly on the bottom of the tv screen. The wolves gaze moved to the bottom of the screen. The hair on the back of Will's neck stood on end. "Shawn." Will said sitting bolt upright. "get away from the T.V." Shawn sat back on his knees, obscuring the view of the creature. Will threw his controller down and shot up from the couch faster than he had ever moved before. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion as Will gained sight of the deadly creature. It was already in mid-leap, arms outstretched, sharp talons pointed straight at the spot where Shawns hand rested on the screen. Wills face contorted into one of panic. He raised his finger to point out the possessed creature, then jumped forward to tackle his friend to the ground.
There was no time. Shawn didn't have a chance to react. The screen television screen exploded outward with a burst of blue electricity and shrapnel. Will grasped for Shawn but the shock from the explosion threw him backward. He crashed through the coffee table; searing pain ran up his leg. He heard Shawn screaming. He heard himself screaming back, but didn't remember the starting action. He didn't remember rolling to his feet or jumping after his friend that was disappearing through the shattered screen of the T.V.
Will shouted for Shawn and reached out to him through the darkness that had opened up through the screen. Shawn scream slowly faded until Will could no longer hear anything but the ringing in his ears and his pounding heart. He was leaning through the screen of the T.V. set into a vast open darkness that should not exist. His leg was burning; his arm was burning, and his heart was about to burst. Will drew himself out of the darkness panting for breath.
The once neat room now lay in silent chaos. The coffee table looked as if a train had hit it. Electrical burn scars were running from the busted entertainment center in every direction on the walls and onto the glass ridden floor. Will looked down at the burning on his arm to see similar marks running up its length. He reached up to feel the pain on his left cheek just below his eye and plucked out a shard of glass that had been close to blinding him. Blood bubbled up from the laceration and ran down his face to collect in his seared beard. He looked down at his leg which seemed to now be a constant cramp and his heart dropped.
The small metal ring of the nine-inch Kabob shewer was the only thing visible. He looked away from it, his breath coming out in shaking gasps. Will took the collar of his shirt in his mouth and bit down on it. He wrapped his middle finger through the protruding o-ring and holding his breath, quickly stood up dragging the searing metal from his leg. He did not scream, there was no air in his lungs to do so. He drug in a rough breath, and another. The only scream he heard was the one echoing in his head as Shawn was drug through the screen into the open darkness of the place that should not exist by a creature that made no sense. He found himself stumbling back over to the smoking catastrophy and peering down into the darkness.
"SHAWN!" He called out. No response. "SHAAAWNN!" He drew the name out longer in the hope that he would receive a reply. It echoed down the darkness like it would echo down a well but again received no response. Will Drew himself back; he clutched his head with his hands and shouted his inner turmoil to the ceiling. The only thought running through head were of Shawn screaming wrapped in the arms of that demon! Before Will could think another thought or hear another scream, he found himself sitting on the edge of the entertainment center, legs dangling down into the darkness finding nothing but open air. He crossed his arms over his chest took a deep breath and dropped down into the nothingness...



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