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“Oh come on, you know how much your cousin creeps me out.” Jeanette said, as she pulled the
turkey out of the oven. “He just has that vibe about him that makes me nervous.”
Steve was dicing potatoes for the potato salad, and flipped the knife upside down, holding it in a
Norman Bates manner. “What’s the matter Jeanie, worried he’s gonna go all Michael Myers on us or
something?” he said as he moved the knife in a stabbing motion.
Jeanette turned to him wielding the knife, and laughed. “No sweetie, I just mean he acts weird,
and it’s freaky.”
“I know. But that’s just how Jonathan is. I think Aunt Kate dropped him on his head a few too
many times as a baby.” Steve laughed. He resumed dicing the last few potatoes, and put them into the
huge bowl for the salad. “But, you know, that if we don’t invite him for Thanksgiving dinner, we’ll never
hear the end of it from Aunt Kate or my mom.”
“I know.” Jeanette grabbed the bowl of stuffing mix, and began putting it into the turkey.
“Here’s hoping tonight goes well.”

Several hours later, Steve, his parents, his Aunt and Uncle, his two cousins, his brother, Jeanette,
her parents, and sister were gathered around the dining table, getting ready to feast on the traditional
Thanksgiving meal.
“Before we dig in…” Steve said. “I want to announce that Jeanie and I are expecting.” The whole
table burst into a cacophony of oh’s and ah’s and questions. All except for Jonathan. He just sat there
and stared at Jeanette. “Hey, it’s still too early to tell much, so calm down. As soon as we know more,
we’ll let all of you know too.” After things had calmed down, they went around the table, saying what
they were all thankful for. When it came around to Jonathan’s turn, again, he just sat there staring at
Jeanette. Steve could tell she was getting uneasy. “Jeanie, could I get your help in the kitchen with
something real quick?” They both stood up and he wrapped his arm around her waist as they moved
toward the kitchen.
“What’s the matter, Honey?” He asked.
“Jonathan’s been staring at me ever since we all sat down. He’s really freaking me out.” She
said as a solitary tear ran down her cheek.
“I’ll have a chat with him, and try to get him to stop. I love you.”
“I love you too. Thank you.” They came back out to the table and Jeanette sat back down.
“Hey Johnny, can I talk to you for a second?” Jonathan stood up and followed Steve into the
kitchen. “Hey Cous, what’s going on with you lately?”
“What do you mean?” Jonathan asked.
“Well, I’ve noticed you have been staring at Jeanie all night, and I’m just wondering why?”
“I’m sorry. Was I making her nervous? I didn’t mean to. It’s just that she’s looking so pretty
tonight.” He said as he looked down toward the floor.
“Well, if you could tone it down a bit, I’d appreciate it.” Steve said and walked back out the
door to the dining room. Jonathan followed and sat down.

Soon after, everyone had had their fill, and were just lounging around seats in the living room.
Suddenly, Jonathan stood up very quickly, startling everyone.
“I’m sorry, I need to go relieve myself. I’ll be right back.” And he quickly shuffled out of the
room down the hall, toward the bathroom. Once he was out of sight, Jeanette’s sister, Deborah piped
“Hey, does anyone else think that Jonathan is a fruitcake?”
“DEBBIE! Don’t say shit like that.” Jeanette snapped.
Deborah snickers and says, “Well, we were all thinking it. I was just brave enough to say it. I
think he is straight up nuts.”

Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Jonathan heard the whole conversation. He slowly creeped down
the hallway toward the kitchen. He grabs several steak knives, and the big butcher knife, and stalked
toward the living room.
“Still Deb, you don’t say things like that about people.” Jeanette said. Jonathan entered the
room, and without saying a word, started throwing the steak knives at everyone, then started
screaming, “I AM NOT A NUTCASE!!! I AM NOT A NUTCASE!!! “ As family members, scrambled to
escape the flying blades, several of them getting hit and falling to the floor, Jonathan grabbed the
butcher knife and started toward Jeanette. Steve jumped on Jonathan’s back and tried to wrestle him
to the floor. Jonathan simply twisted and flung Steve down. With a quick motion, he jabbed the knife
into Steve’s abdomen, then turned back to Jeanette. Jeanette was screaming, and scooting backward,
after catching one of the steak knives in her left leg.
“What are you doing?” Jeanette cried. Jonathan stopped suddenly, his head cocked to one side.
“I have always loved you. You should have been with me, not Stephen. He doesn’t treat you
right, I would have treated you like the queen you are. You should be carrying my baby.”
“What?” Jeanette asked. “You’re jealous of Steve?”
“Of course not. Why would I be jealous of him?” He squatted down in front of Jeanette, and
started scratching his head with the blade of the knife. “I mean, he’s only got everything I wish I had. A
good job, his own house, the most beautiful woman on the face of the planet.” He looked at her, then
at the knife. “Well, now that he is gone, I could have you to myself…However, with all the things that
have transpired in the last few minutes, I don’t think you would have me.” He was staring at the blood
dripping from the knife. He lifted the knife above his head, when suddenly, Steve’s arm wrapped
around Jonathan’s throat, as his other hand grabbed the hand with the knife. After a few moments of
struggling, Jonathan went limp and fell to the floor. He grabbed Jeanette and held her tightly.
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