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Time is worth everything.
These days’ happiness has shifted from small beautiful things to big parties and materialistic approaches. I would not start this blog with a story starting with once upon a time but with the small event I faced while having a walk with my mother. Experts remarks in different era quoting that always learn the basics, I, however am going to use this phrase to tell you the event I encountered. In this world of chaos one needs a week off for travelling, partying and hanging out with friends but in the past with no technology present people were happier when they used to interact with their neighbors and relatives. Yesterday, my mother made curry (a Pakistani dish) and she said that give to neighbor living at the end of street. She said as it is cold outside no one is sitting and interacting frequently. Firstly, I was reluctant that I don’t want to go but then decided to go with her as I was bored of the daily routine. So me and my mother went out to give the dish to our neighbor we went to the end of street and rang the bell, we stood there and in a short moment our neighbor opened the door. We greeted and she was so happy to see my mother, she invited us in and we went in. I gave an irritated glance at my mother gestured me to stop being an ass. So we went in and my mother told her that since nobody was sitting outside due to daily routine and cold weather, she decided to meet her and bring her food. Our neighbor smiled, and that smile was worth everything. She said that it’s so good to see her and that these small things matter more than anything that could be bought. It was the ten minutes we spend with her that made my next 24 hours. After she said goodbye I realized that we have strayed our paths from simplicity to complexity and materialism, from socializing to technology and from manners and care to carelessness and living in our own world. These few basics were the key to happiness and there is nothing more worth than the few minutes you give to other people which puts a smile on their faces.
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