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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2141988
a story about a man losing his mind for discovering the truth
They were everywhere yet I was the only one that bore their burden. The only one that heard their ridiculing laughs. The only one that knew that he knew nothing at all.

It wasn't long ago that I lost my mind somewhere between a steak and shake and locally name convenience store. it would be easy to say that that was when I first noticed so that will be but that would be oversimplifying and overly complicated matter. I I know that one would say that these are the Rams of a Madman. And I would say the same thing that's why I lead off with the description of my mental state. to acknowledge that I can acknowledge those things.

how many days have to pass how many Cycles before a became clear. or perhaps not so clear depending on who you ask. I asked him or did I ask myself? I get confused about that type of thing these days. That part goes back to the day I tried to grab the sun. You know its true what they say some things are too shine to bright to gaze upon. I've been blind since that very moment. But then again a little blindness is a good thing. Where was I going with this line of thought. Oh yes, it was about the spirit people or at least that's what I call them. Shapeless, everywhere, powerless, but without form or reason. Ive never actually seen them , but I did meet with a fellow once who described a very similar encounter as the one that I had. But he actually was a Madman. but some of the greatest truths I've ever heard have been rats
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