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This poem is about love and how it is almost everywhere you go.
Love is in the trees, there is a love in a million things there is love for the people we care about in our lives, love in the ground we stand on, so much joy and love in the skies we admire, Inspiration can be love that can be given by the amazing world around us love can be giving someone a nice compliment giving someone a present for whatever special occasion that is being celebrated is love, doing nice things for other people is love given by the heart spending time with your family and taking care of your family is the ttype of endless love that will never be replaced taking care of the animals you have at home is another type of love. Love is in the stars giving us inspiration throughout the beautiful night skies beauty can be a special form of love. Making yourself feel good can be a good type of love. Making others feel better when they are sad is a forgiving love. Love is in the air love is everywhere!!! Art can be love because it can allow us to look at the world in a different way than what we expected. The gift of being thankful for what you have right in front of you is love. Celebrating the holidays is an amazing type of love. The gift of forgiveness is a love you sometimes never think about but you do it anyway because you know in your heart that it is the right thing to do. The gift of kindness is full of goodness and love. The gift of happiness can be another type of love. Smiling can give you a face full of good life and love. Hearts are full of endless love, kindness, and good that can never ever stop doing its best job ever. Sunsets are beautiful pieces of amazing artwork which can be another type of love. Safety is the type of love that is protective of your well being. Security makes sure that you are perfectly okay and safe where you are now which is another protective type of love that can be good for the soul.Flaws can be the type of love that we should all be so proud of now. Acceptance of yourself and who you can be is love. Dreams can be the type of love that you can make goals and chase after and believe in. Believing in yourself can be true love. Life can be the best type of love, Flowers are full of life and love. Making good memories with your friends and family is love. Love is in the air love is everywhere you go.
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