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This poem is about time and it is there when you do and don't need it.
Time has no face,
No sound other then,
Tick tock.
Time has no way to lie,
or to be a skiving spy.
Time is a worthy sidekick,
That will always get you out in time.

Time is unthinkable
It can never forget
What you done
Or said
It watches over you
But not like a creepy spy,
but more like a awesome sidekick.
Time has not face,
Yet you see it all the time,
Even when it gives you no sound other then,
Tick tock

Time sees everything,
And anything.
You may not see Time's face
But it always see's you
And everyone else.
Watching over you,
Almost like a loving mother!

Time is silent,
makes no sound other then,
Tick tock.
Time see's everything.
Time sees when you say you lost track of time.
But you never really did,
No, you never did
That was time,
Messing with you,
Because you can't lose time!
You can gain time,
Sing time,
And dance to time,
But you can never lose time,
Because time is watching you like a hawk
Day and night.

Time is for healing
your broken heart,
your broken arms
and sore thumbs
For rushing about,
After the ran starts pouring,
For running swiftly,
When your umbrella get's cought Winds hands.

Time is for much,
For slowly dragging alone,
In your time of need,
Or when you feel the heat of greed
For when you need time,
You feel more then ever like,
Time is unforgiving.
You think you lose time in a flash when you need it
and you think it moves sluggishly when you don’t.

You need time.
And you may not think it,
but time needs you!
Without you time can't play tricks!
Can't make you confused!

Yes Time can make you confused,
It can make you ache,
For a long break,
From all the pranks,
From all the time you feel like your missing.

But the thing is
Time is here and there watching you grow
And watching you live to your fullest and lowest
Time is always there for you.
You can hate Time and cry over it
You can ask “where has time gone?”
But time is always there.
Near you, watching you
And most of all caring,
So stop asking where time has gone,
Because time is always there,
and everywhere,
You are.

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