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by John S
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Family · #2142087
A very short story about how a mother's influence has tragic consequences for her sons.
Two Brothers

After dinner James sat in his recliner reading the paper as his two daughters watched another thrilling episode of “Sponge Bob”. He couldn’t help but to think that life was good. There wasn’t a place on the entire planet he would rather be. The phone ringing snapped him out of his good feeling. He heard his wife, Jean, pick it up in the kitchen. “James it’s your mother.”

Oh crap, that couldn’t be good was his first thought. His mother never just called, something had to be wrong. Jean handed him the phone and he said “hello”

“James, Thomas is in trouble.” James’s mother yelled breathlessly.

“Calm down mom, Thomas is always in trouble. Does he need bail money again or is it time for another rehab? What is it this time booze, drugs or some combination of all the above?”

“Please James this is serious. Your brother is dying. I’m at the hospital with him now. His kidneys are gone, he needs a transplant and the doctor tells me you are probably the best donor. “

“So, you expect me to put my whole life on hold for a brother who has stolen from me, who has screwed up every job I gave him, and who I’ve given thousands of dollars to? Do you really want me to risk everything I have for a brother who has done everything he could to ruin his own life?”

“Of course, I do he’s your brother, he’s family.”

“I have to discuss this with Jean. I know she’ll be against it.”

“Of course, she will, she doesn’t care a bit about our family. She never has.”

Jean spotted the old woman entering the funeral parlor and rushed to meet her. “You’re not welcome here Helen.” She whispered to James’s mother, trying not to make a scene.

“I’m his mother; I have every right to be here.” Helen said.

“No, you don’t, you killed him. You brow beat that poor man until he gave Thomas his kidney. Now I don’t have a husband and my daughters don’t have a father. “

“But the doctor told me the operation was completely safe.”

“He was wrong Helen, and so were you. You would think that Thomas would at least have the decency to be here.” Jean finished with tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know where he is; he left the hospital before he should have. He’s probably gone too.” The old woman slowly turned to leave having lost both of her sons.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2142087