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by Biz D.
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Contest Entry · #2142124
A poem that won the "runaway contest" on figment. A girl displaced and alone.
Her mother Hated her

Her father tried to Beat it out of her

Her friends Abandoned her

Her crush Ruined her

Her faith Crumbled

Her love shrank

All because

She loved a certain gender

All because

She didn't care how someone was born

All because

She was willing to love

Willing to Trust

Willing to Hope

Willing to Believe

It all snapped

When her family Disowned her

When her friends

Mocked her

When her crush

Laughed and Teased her

She left

She ran

But she had to

She had nowhere to go

Texas was no place for a Les- A Fag- A Homo

She sat on that bench

Thought it through and through

Looked at the gun beside her

Why had she bought it?

She wouldn't do it.

But Maybe it would keep her safe.

Safe as you could be, where she was.

Leave or stay,

Stay or Leave.

The words rang in her head

She had no home

No place to go-

Only 15

Only a Child

Nothing more than a Child.

But the gun promised another place.

An Eternal Place.

She lifts the gun

She points

Her finger switches off the safety

The gun wouldn't protect her from herself

She closes her eyes


Her phone vibrates

The last message she would receive before the money ran out

She Ignores it


The phone falls on the floor

Unknown Sender

The words flash onto the screen:

Another Life Stolen by Hatred

Another Child Lost

Another Insignificant Death

To the Millions Lives Cost
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