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by Biz D.
Rated: E · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2142125
An old contest entry about a budding romance after betrayal.
Lucy tried to wipe the droplets of salty water as they fell from her soulful blue eyes, but they replaced far to quickly. Her light skin was stained in tears. Lucy's golden-brown hair was a mess all over her shoulders. The memory of what Ruth, her best friend, had told her was absolutely heartbreaking. Ruth was dating Tommy. Ruth KNEW Lucy had a crush on Tommy since kindergarten. Didn't she care about their friendship at all? Tommy was everything Lucy could ever dream of- he respected girls, he never pushed things to far, he was polite... His soft brown eyes, gentle black hair... Everything that made him the obvious choice for her affection.What made Lucy sob even more was that it wasn't the loss of Tommy that was hurting her, it was Ruth. Ruth had been particularly mean to Lucy lately. Ignoring her, making fun of her, spreading rumors. What had she become? Lucy laid on the hard, brown carpet beneath her. Her teary eyes wandered to her white-framed window, the darkness closing in.


Lucy's eyes blurred into reality. It was still dark, even darker so. Her body managed a sitting position. She made out a shape in front of her, and as her eyes focused, she realized it was a girl. A cool breeze went through the now open window on Lucy's tan walls, chilling her to the bone.

The girl spoke, her voice radiating from her like music "I'm Melia Rosewood. From band." The spikey-haired girl blinked her big, beautiful gray eyes.

Lucy had never seen gray eyes on anyone other than Melia, whom she now recognized. The way those stunning orbs looked at her made her heart flutter more than a wink from Tommy could induce. But Melia was a girl, so of course she admired her good looks. Melia always wore lose, flowy clothing, as she was now with her black top and skirt. Her skin, almost as pale as Lucy's, radiated in the darkness against her jet-black hair. To Lucy, she always looked pixie-like. It surprised her that Melia, the most beautiful girl she had ever set eyes upon, was the exact opposite of popular. She was shunned. Melia continued gazing at Lucy, obviously waiting for a reply.

"I know." Was all Lucy could muster in her calm, chilling voice.

Suddenly Melia was in Lucy's face, her hands on either side of Lucy's body, forcing Lucy to lean back slightly. Melia's breath on Lucy's face sent shivers down her body. Her heart thundered even faster. She started to worry. Maybe this wasn't just a normal girl's admiration? But what more could it be? And what... What was Melia doing?

"I'm sorry for sneaking in your room."

Lucy realized she should have noticed that, she opened her mouth to speak but Melia's wonderful voice continued.

"I love you, Lucy. I always have." Sudden desperation filled Melia's eyes as she tilted forward.

"B-But that's not possible. Girls don't like girls." Lucy stuttered as Melia's nose touched hers. Suddenly she was speechless.

"Don't you know? Tons of girls like girls. It's just not the majority." Melia's nose was now past Lucy's, and their lips a fraction of a centimeter apart.

Thumping footsteps filled the halway.

Lucy pulled back quickly with wide eyes, the trance broken. Her first thought was 'Hide!' and she looked under her bed. It was empty, they could fit. But the underside of her bed scared Lucy. The darkness... The vacant, yet small space... Terrified her. But as the steps closed in, she had little choice. Slipping under the dreaded bed underside, she notioned Melia to do the same. Their bodies pressed together, bringing a blush to Lucy's cheeks. She almost forgot her fear. Almost. A monster-shadow suddenly appeared under the bed. Lucy gasped, and dug into the side of Melia, muffling her own face into Melia's clothing. Melia's arm reached around her and hugged her tight. Her scent calmed Lucy a bit.

Then the door creaked open.

There, her foster-mom stood, checking in on Lucy. Lucy prayed to god that she wouldn't notice the empty space in her bed.

"Lucy?" The black-haired lady's stern voice filled the empty room.

Lucy's heart skipped a beat.

She sighed in relief as Lillyan closed the door and walked away. Then suddenly Lucy was on her back, and Melia's lips upon hers. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world.


Most her friends, including Ruth, left immediately with looks of disgust, or hatred, or both.

When Lucy told them that she and Melia, wonderful Melia, were dating.

The two that stayed gave her encouraging smiles, but the looks on the ones that had left burned into Lucy's mind. That hurt, even if it was for the better.

But it got worse than losing friends. Ruth spread the news across the entire school before first period even started.

Bullying. Girls tripped Lucy in halls, left her horrifying notes, and changed only after she did in the girls changing room.

The guys. Some flirted with her even more, some tried to force themselves on her, others asked for unspeakable things.

Teachers. The people she thought she could trust most. Noticing her every mistake, pretending to see things they did not.

But what hurt more than anything was one question: Was this happening to Melia also? Had she condemned them?

Melia acted her usual self in band, a smile on her face and her music as beautiful as ever.

After school, they met with a long, inseparable hug. Some looks were disgusted. But there were a few faces that smiled. A few students who gave them approving glances.

Lucy didn't care. All she needed was Melia. Whomever accepted them, and whomever didn't, did not matter. Because they accepted eachother. They loved each-other. They would always have each0other.

They walked, hand in hand, ignoring the ignorance. The hate. The disgust. All they needed was each-other.

And if someone had a problem with it, well, that was their problem.
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