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by Biz D.
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A creature reflects on the downfall of the human race.
Dull yellow orbs pierced the surrounding destruction. Spheres that had observed as the human race corrupted itself. Because of absolutely idiotic things, greed of which probably the worst. Their constant want of more, never being satisfied. Like the green parchment they called money, absolutely useless pieces of paper given a value by the species it destroyed. Human fools killed each other over these thin, completely worthless shreds of script.

But likewise, perhaps ignorance was the cause. How humans focused on only their beliefs, never listening to others. Never considering another view, another way. Religion, for example. Millions died over simple beliefs, simple things that were only one part of there being. Friends lost because they say one thing about themselves that suddenly makes them unholy, unworthy for the others presence. Thinking they had to make everyone like them, not just follow it themselves.

Or, in addition, maybe it was hate. The way some humans absolutely detested each other for a simple argument, or a long line of events. Wars that killed millions, billions, over simple angers and resentments. Hate from jealously, like that between siblings or even lovers. Hate from history, hating simply because that was the example set.

Furthermore, possibly pride caused this horrible conclusion. Some of these creatures believing they were higher than everything and everyone around them. Believing no person had the right to question them- no right to criticize. Unwilling to change for the better, being it for themselves or others. Those who killed simply just to prove they were stronger.

Then again, there is plain laziness. Those unwilling to work, to try for a better future. Already given up, hopelessly lost in their own ways. Watching as their lives fell apart, as the world crumbled. Completely useless to humankind.

Also, a love of possessions could have signaled this downfall. Humans whom wasted their lives on replaceable things, such as work, pets, television, and things of that likelihood, when instead they should have focused on the important things, including family, friends, and their own future.

Some creatures were too stuck in the now, going overboard with the joys of life. Never realizing that some things took time, and some things, no matter how pleasurable, should not be done.

There are perhaps millions of reasons humans met their end, a list unmatched by any other. Humans, being the most imperfect of species, weren’t all awful though.

There were certain beings that lived correctly, did what need be done in order to enjoy life without destroying it, and that of others. Those who focused on being happy, but not on the expense of others. Those who lived selflessly- but not without gain. Those who could have stopped this abrupt end, if only numbers were on their side.

Perhaps, if humans got a second chance, these beings would be their hope.

But in life, there isn’t always a second chance; if only this species had realized this before it had been too late…
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2142130