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by Biz D.
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2142133
Old contest entry.
"No homo." Elly laughed, jabbing Tiff in the ribs with a playful elbow

"Yeah, no homo." Tiff laughed in reply, sounding slightly nervous. For anyone but you. Her mind whispered evilly. She clutched her head in frustration. She hated those thoughts that would squirm their way into her mind, infecting her emotions. They only made her life even more miserable than it already was. It's not that bad. Your best friend that sits next to you everyday is so amazing. You know you get lost in her playful brown eyes, and admire her long, wavy chocolate hair...

Tiff snapped herself back to reality. Why did her mind hate her so? Thinking these awful, disgusting things. Things that would soil her life and reputation if they happened to spill out of her overactive mind. She was Tiff, head cheerleader. Blonde, preppy, blue-eyed, the perfect girl. She talked about boys, and even had a boyfriend. Not just a boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the most popular guy in school. He was even on the football team!

But, inside, Tiff knew that all didn't matter to her. He didn't matter to her. The only person that actually mattered to her was sitting right beside her. In fact, Tiff noticed that that person was staring expectantly at her.
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