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by Biz D.
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Gay/Lesbian · #2142134
First job, second love.
Amber got this summer waitress job for money. She wasn't expecting anything else. She didn't want anything else. Waitressing took some practice, but Amber caught on quickly. She did a pretty good job when she wasn't distracted. Particularly by the girl at the cash register.

This was Amber's first job, she didn't want to mess it up. She had promised herself that she wouldn't fall in love again. She'd focus on herself. She'd save up for college so she could be a Psychologist. She'd ignore anyone who showed interest in her. She'd already had her heart broken by her first love... Who broke up with her after eight months, saying she "never loved" Amber. Did it really take eight months to realize that? All love did was hurt Amber.

But the girl at the cash register....

Brown, the darker cousin of Amber's blonde hair, flowed to the girl's shoulders perfectly. Her blue eyes were so inviting and friendly.She always wore a skirt or dress to work. Amber never wore dresses or skirts. Amber always T-shirts and pants. And her grey eyes were just empty and boring.

The girl's white name-tag read Mel. Such a beautiful name...

Amber ended up going to her job not for the money, but for the girl at the cash register.

Mel greeted every person who walked up to her with an amazing, pearly white smile... And a sweetly said "Have a nice day, and come back soon."

How could any sane person not fall in love with the friendly, polite, pretty girl at the cash register?

Apparently life had different plans for Amber, and refused to listen to her logical barriers. So much for not falling in love.

After every shift, Amber would talk to the girl at the cash register. And Amber was greeted with the same sweet voice every lucky customer got to hear. The same beautiful smile. Did Amber imagine a friendlier tone? A sweeter smile? She wondered if Mel thought of her as more than just a co-worker. She wondered if Mel ever would. Amber's eyes were almost always on Mel. She had no doubt about her own feelings.

Days, weeks, flew by. Amber's time with Mel was ending too fast. She had wanted to spend much longer with Mel, and learn much more about her. All she had learned was Mel's parents were divorced, and her brother lived with her dad. And her favorite fruit was strawberries, her favorite color was yellow, her birthstone was sapphire.... She chewed with her mouth open, and was left-handed...

With summer almost over now, what did Amber have to lose? Might as well get the heartbreak over with. But Amber was hopelessly hopeful. She had a problem of trusting people too much. And of thinking they would change. Amber refused to leave herself hanging, wondering how Mel felt. She had to do this, or she would forever wonder.

Amber's shift ended, and for possibly the last time, she approached the girl at the cash register.
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