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Copied the title as in the Cramp Prompt. Should be a capital C though. FICTION! Words 366

"The whole stadium erupts, and Pat Cash cannot contain himself!"

Joakim Nyström watched the final score flash across the scoreboard - 6-4. 6-1. 6-1. His opponent, the youngest player in a Davis Cup final, had just beaten him -- and Australia had won over Sweden.

The two players, however, kept in touch.

This being in the days before email (yes, there were days before email) they wrote each other letters. What we call snail mail nowadays.

"Dear Pat," Joakim wrote. "Congratulations on your victory. You must be celebrating hard. warm Regards, Joakim."

"Dear Joakim," Pat replied, "thank you for your gracious letter of congratulations. We are celebrating hard. Yesterday, we went to the kangaroo farm. Two of our kangaroos have had babies recently. It's so cute to see them hopping around carrying the joeys in their pouches. We've named them KANGA and Li'L ROO, because of the Winnie-the-Pooh song, you know. Affectionately, Pat."

"Dear Pat," came the response, "It was wonderful to read about Kanga and Li'l Roo. By the time you get this, they'll be more grown up. Are the baby kangaroos getting any tennis coaching? Warm Reagards, Joakim."

"Dear Joakim, you bet they are. And I'm coaching them personally. They hop around a lot, though, and I get very muddy during the coaching sessions. So I've called it the DIRTY CASH ACADEMY OF TENNIS FOR KANGAROOS. Aside from our two, we have a couple over from Lizette's farm, and Leanne says when hers are old enough to learn to play, she'll send them over, too. I know I shouldn't have favourites, among my students, I should love all equally, but I can't help thinking my Li'l Roo is the ace. Affectionately, Pat."

"Dear Pat, DIRTY CASH, huh? Love that name. Do you wear whites, when you coach them? Nice to wear muddy colours, then you just put your washing machine on the backspin cycle and slice off the dirt. Doesn't work with whites, though. Warm Regards, Joakim."

"Dear Joakim, your suggestion much appreciated. The clothes are sparkling now. Aside from the backspin, I added a topspin, too. Now I have changed the name. It's now the CLEAN CASH ACADEMY. Much obliged to you. Affectionately, Pat."

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