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I didn't want to do it but I had too.
I sat at a seat on the end of the lunch table, pretending to read a book as I struggled the overwhelming urge to stand up and give a bear hug to one of my classmates.
I had been fighting the urge all morning for whatever reason and the urgency seemed to be worsening.
I couldn't think of a valid reason to do it but what the hell, I'll go with it and hopefully it will make sense after.
I stood up, walked over to where he was standing as we got into line to leave the cafeteria and raised my arms in the universal hug motion.
He responded with a hugging motion of his own and I found myself tearing up and saying "Goodbye Tyler".
Once the moment ended I scurried back to the end of the line and heard several joking renditions of Goodbye Tyler coming from his friends.
That was the last day of school before winter break.
On the first day back in school, I found everyone in a state of shock.
Instead of everyone focusing on my crazy behavior, we found out that Tyler had died.
During the break, he was on a boat with his brother when his brother went into the water.
He dove in to save his brother.
His brother survived.
Tyler did not.
I realized that if I hadn't followed the completely incongruous prompting, I would not have been able to say goodbye.
Goodbye Tyler
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