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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2142219
Emily is a pervert otaku, now with unlimited power.
Chapter 1: In Routine

         This story begins with an alarm.
         She set it herself, as she does every night. And then she snoozed it, as she does every morning. Afterwards the alarm blares again, followed by another repetition of getting snoozed. Once this cycle ends, she throws her covers off, stands for a stretch, and begins her daily routine.
         She is, as she calls herself in the mirror, is Mai Taiga. But others commonly refer to her as Emily Rivers.
         Emily stared down her reflection as she brushed her teeth, trying still to open her eyes. "Ohayo Mai." She said, groggily. "How long did you stay up last night? Oh, only until 2 am? That's rare, you usually go later." Emily dialogued to herself as she undressed to shower.
         Emily continued to speak capture conversations to herself as she quickly lathered her body. "Ne Mai, has your body grown at all? I heard they get bigger if you have someone else massage them for you. Chotto matte, Don't touch my boobs like that. Doushite, we do this all the time. Kya!" Emily took another moment to reflect on her self roleplaying momen. "Keh. err." She sighed, and remained silent as she reflected on her embarrassing conversations with herself. These conversations would always end up at the same topic before she was pulled out of it; she would often come back to thinking of her comically flat chest, which hasn't grown despite her already having finished her growth spurt. "No... I am above average, by six inches!"[1]
         Emily wrapped her hair up as she stepped out. She had always felt more embarrassed wearing a bra rather than not. But still stuck up on her little conversation, Emily decided to at least try on a sports bra today; even if it was loose. And after applying make-up the best she knew how, Emily stepped out of her room.

1. Emily is 5'8". The Japanese average for women is 5'2".

         The living room was oddly silent for morning on a school day, that's when Emily paniced. She rushed to the nearest clock, which was on the microwave, and analysed the time. It was still 7:17, nearly 45 minutes until school began.
         There was no reason to be alone in the house before school began. Her parents leaving for work is one thing, but no younger siblings moving around like tired drones is unheard of.
         "Well, it's not my job to wake them up!" Emily cheerfully hummed in the quiet house as she packed her lunch.
         While concerning, Emily left the still silent house at 7:33, and began her walk to school.


         Emily turned out during the walk. Having done it a hundred times by now had made her lose awareness while walking.
         Today, like the start of every week, is a Monday. And while it wasn't rare to have late students today, there was literally no one Emily passed on her way to school. She didn't feel much concern for this detail, until she reached school. As to which not a single soul was present at.
         It could have been a holiday, perhaps a Sunday? But no, there weren't any cars, any student, any teachers. Emily easily made her way into the school and wandered the halls that echoed only else at night. That was when a clock caught her eye.
"Seven thirty three." Emily softly said. She checked her phone, also 7:33, another clock down the hall, still 7:33!
         The first noise she heard in a while was that of the intercom buzzing. "Will a Ms. Emily Rivers report to the principal's office at 7:33. Thank you." It said, then went silent.
          The situation wasn't something that is ever considered, and Emily still didn't know how to react when time might have frozen. All she thought to do was showing up the principal's office.
         Again, the teacher's office, completely empty; and the clocks, 7:33. Emily kept making her way to the headmaster's room, hoping something there could give her enough piece of mind so she can react to the situation.
         The door to the office was open. "Mr. Moore?" Emily asked as she stepped in.
         The principal's chair was turned away from the door, and a voice that was not Emily's principal spoke. "Yes, Ms. River's, I'd like to know why you thought to show up to school today?" He said.
         "I thought it was a school day today..."
         "No, my dear girl, it is, but you shouldn't be here." The chair turned around to reveal the body sitting in it. "Now, should we try today again?"


         Emily reawoke, just second before her alarm went off. This time she checked it, and the clock read 6:47 in the morning. She tried her hardest to convince herself that what just happened was a dream. Yet, it was hard not believing otherwise.

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