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This should have been titled Planet Creation. But I couldn't because of the space length.

Month Three: Rules and Regulations

Due: December 1st at 11:59 p.m. WDC Time

*BurstR* What are the rules/laws in your world?

Almost every inhabited planet has rules and laws that they are run by. It depends on how advanced that they are. The more they are advanced the more rules and laws that they have. But that isn’t true about all the planets out there. Just because they are advanced doesn’t mean they have a lot of rules and laws. That includes the planets that Planet Creation are trying to help. It includes one of these six planets.

Kausuin used to have a lot of rules that they lived by. They still do. But there aren’t as many of them as there used to be because of the overpopulation problem. And they aren’t enforced as much as they used to be either.

Glestom has a lot of rules and laws. True, there overpopulation has caused quite a bit more problems with them. But it’s not anything that they can’t handle. It’s just a lot harder now than it used to be.

Soltol doesn’t have too many rules and laws that they live by. But they do have some. The ones that they do have they have had a lot of problems with. It’s not too bad yet. But it’s getting worse because of their overpopulation problem.

Pulvonic is the planet that proves you don’t have to be advanced to have rules and laws. The Pulvonics do have a few rules and laws. And they are followed and enforced. But they are only enforced within their own groups.

Vohn doesn’t have a whole lot of rules and laws. But they do have some. And the ones that they do have they are very strict about enforcing them. In fact, a lot of Vohns think that they are too strict. They are right about that.

Borract has a lot more rules and laws than most planets have. In fact, they have about twice as many as all five of these other planets put together. And a lot more than the rest of the planets Planet Creation are trying to help.

Kausuin also used to have a lot of laws. But because of their overpopulation problem they don’t have as many of them as they used to have either. The ones that do have they are very strict about too. Even more strict than the Vohns are.

*BurstR* Who enforces the rules in your world?

Of course, the rules are enforced. If a planet has rules, then they have enforcement of some kind. It depends on what kind of rules that they have as to how much enforcement that they have. And how they enforce those rules. Some planets have one type of enforcement that is for the whole planet. But most of them have more than one enforcement organization. These six planets either have one type or a combination of both types.

Kausuin has a combination of both types. At least they did in their past. Now they only have one type. And it’s not much of an enforcement organization. It is worldwide. But it’s not very enforceable because of the overpopulation problem.

Glestom has only one type of enforcement. And it is worldwide. It is well organized too. But their overpopulation problem has made their jobs hard to do. It’s not impossible. They can still do them. It is just harder now.

Soltol is also a one type of enforcement organization. And it is worldwide too. But it’s not as well organized as the Glestom are. Especially since the overpopulation problem began. They still get the job done better than the Glestoms, though.

Pulvonic used to have both types of enforcement organization. But that was several thousand years ago before they became a War Planet. They have always been a war planet. Only back then it was more organized. Now it’s non-existent.

Vohn only has one type of enforcement organization. And even though it is worldwide it’s treated as individualized too. What that means Planet Creation doesn’t know. So far, the Vohns haven’t told them what it means either.

Borract also have both types of enforcement organizations. They used to have only one type. But that was centuries ago. Now they have multiple enforcement organizations. And they are all run a little differently. Sort of like it is here on Earth.

Kausuin is worldwide. But it’s also territorial. There are about a million Enforcers. And they are spread out across the planet in small groups. Each group has about a thousand Enforcers. And they are responsible for their own territories.

*BurstR* This is the big one: If there is magic in your world, what are the rules? What is possible and what isn’t? How does the magic work? What are the limitations? What are the law type rules set in place? Are there enforcers for these rules/some sort of agency in place? Is there a class system involved; is there a hierarchy (are there rules about who can cast which types of magic)? Can different types of people cast different types of magic?

Like the rules and laws question above, almost every planet has had magic on it at one time or another. There are a lot that still have magic. But it’s like here on Earth. It’s mostly in secret. There are also some planets where magic is pure. Which means it’s worldwide and practiced by a lot of the population, if not most of it. These six that Planet Creation is trying to help don’t have magic now. But most of them did have it in their past.

Kausuin hasn’t been much of a magical world. But they did have some in it’s past. Only they don’t like to talk about it. It was a part of their past that almost destroyed their planet. And most of them have already forgotten about it.

Glestom also has magic in their past. But it’s a little bit more magic than the Kausuins had. Most of it was spells. And the spells that they did most of the was Death Spells. They did other spells too. But not as much as the Death Spells.

Soltol didn’t have any magic in their past. At least Planet Creation doesn’t think that they did. But that’s one question that the Soltols didn’t answer clearly. They did answer it, but all they said was that they never had magic on their planet.

Pulvonic has the strongest past when it comes to magic. Most of their past has some form of magic in it. Some of it was mild and not life threatening. But most of it was. It’s what led it up to be the War Planet that they are now.

Vohn only had a little of magic in their past. In fact, it’s so little that it’s almost non-existence. The Vohns don’t like to talk about it either. But it’s not for the same reasons the Kausuins did it. For them, it because they don’t remember it.

Borract has the second strongest magical past. It’s not as bad as the Pulvonics. But it did last a lot longer, though. The only real difference between the two planets is that this one led up to their overpopulation problem.

Kausuin don’t just have a problem with not wanting to remember their magical past, or wanting to talk about it. They have done everything that they can think of to say that it never happened. But they haven’t done too good of job at doing that, yet.

*BurstR* What are the limitations that different societies face? Are there different rules/laws for different races/classes?

This is a hard one for Planet Creation to ask because they have brought up this kind of a question before. And the ones they are trying to help don’t like answering it again. But they feel that it needs to be asked again. Those they are trying to help have answered it. And that includes these six planets. But most of their answers have been very basis, if not vague.

Kausuin was reluctant to answer this question. And they did everything that they could think of get around not doing it. But they finally did it too.

Glestom didn’t like answering that question again either. But they also didn’t mind doing it. They were a little bit more open with their answer too.

Soltol was a lot like the Kausuins. They don’t understand why they need to answer all these questions. Especially, when they need to do it more than once.

Pulvonic didn’t want to answer any of these questions most of all. It’s a big waste of time. All they want is what everyone else wants, a new planet.

Vohn was a lot like the Pulvonics. They also think that it was a waste of time to answering all these questions. But now that they have their new planet, they are glad that they did it.

Borract also didn’t mind answering this question again. And it’s for the same reason that the Vohns did it. They will do anything to get their new planet. Which they now have too.

Kausuin did answer that question again. But all that they said was that they already answered that question. And that they didn’t think they needed to answer it again.

*BurstR* Anything else you can think of that falls into this category.

There are many kinds of rules and laws enforcement. Everything from a simple fight, like two kids fighting, to murder. Not all enforcement organizations deal with everything. But most of them do. They also have departmentalized them. Each department handle a different aspect of rule and law enforcement. But it’s not just departments. They also have those that walk around or have transports. It’s pretty much like it is here on Earth. All the planets that Planet Creation is trying to help have an enforcement organization of some kind. And that includes these six planets.

Kausuin had three types of enforcement departments. One was for minor law enforcement like robbery and assaults. The middle one handled the more serious ones. And the third one handled the very serious ones like murder and terror.

Glestom has a little bit of everything when it comes to the type of enforcement departments that they have. They aren’t the same all over the world. But they have them all. And they are all enforced the same way.

Soltol have most of the types of enforcement departments as the rest of the planets in the universe. But they don’t have all of them. The ones that they do have are enforced by the walkers, the transports, and departments.

Pulvonic don’t really have departments. They leave their rules and laws enforcement to walkers and transports. True, they haven’t had it worldwide in centuries. But they treated them the same as they do now.

Vohn have a little bit of everything. They aren’t very big departments. But they have all of them. And they are all over their planet. They come in different shapes and sizes. But they are all have about the same number of enforcers.

Borract also have all the type of enforcement departments. But they really need them. With so many rules and laws they need all of them to enforce them. They have and need the walkers and the transports too.

Kausuin have a lot more rules than the do laws. But they are all handled by the same enforcement organization. Rules aren’t as strong as the laws. They are treated the same way, though. And some of those ways are deadly.

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