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My interpretation of the 2001: Space Odyssey story.
The stars were hiding far, far away from the dark and endless sky. Only Earth had the strength to show itself. The air was thin and their feet were light, as they made their first steps into the unknown. They moved slowly in the fine dust. They felt like tourist, and took many pictures for their relatives and embraced the beauty of these marvelous landscapes.

Even after the briefing, they all felt the same uncertainty. It troubled their mind all too much. It even doubted the core of their mission, as it was not easy to digest something this significant, this important and grandiose. However, time was of the essence and they had to push on whether they wanted or not. They were not on a vacation after all.

They felt strange as they approached the dig site. Somehow, they knew this place, as if they have been there already. This weird feeling just kept on occupying their minds, and got stronger as they approached.

Just before, they laid their eyes on the site there was a brief moment of silence. They all lost their breaths, and thought their hearts stopped for a second. Everybody felt this unfamiliar and questionable force, when they finally arrived. They all kept it a secret and moved on regardless. As soon as they laid their eyes on the icon, they all froze. The sheer amount of amazement immobilized them. The monolith somehow tapped into their minds and pulled them far away from reality, and showed things they could not even imagine.

"Does anyone else see these images? It didn't happen before, it's very strange!" Michaels spoke as he tried to focus on where to make his next step. They quickly agreed that they should not waste more time on this, as their limited air supply would run out soon.

With every step they made, their feet got heavier and heavier. Something out of this world was happening. "So you said that there's nothing to this thing, but here I am, standing in almost Earth like gravity, on the face of the Moon! How's this possible?" Floyd questioned as they headed down the ramp. Halvorsen was the first who wanted to answer, when the mysterious object started to whisper to them. Every now and then, it mentioned names of familiar places, descriptions of persons and past events. It also gave strong, yet subtle hints about their own hidden personalities.

"Tell me that you can hear this? And wasn't the object a sphere?" Floyd nervously asked, as he was not sure whether he had just gone mad or the impossible happened. Halvorsen gulped in his sudden anxiety. He was simply blown away by this new, somewhat dangerous discovery. "I've no idea, but I hear it too! What's going on?" he worryingly answered while they reached the bottom. That was the moment, when the monolith started to call them by true names. It wanted them to get closer and feel the history of its past: their past.

Words just could not describe what they felt, what feelings they experienced and what memories they got from reaching out to the monolith. They all went against the rules and made contact with the object, that stood there for eons. It silently waited for their arrival, just to tell them what they need to: to embark on their destinies.
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