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Short story about an old oak, a small sapling and a silver bunny.
A light, warm breeze swept through the leaves and gently nudged them from time to time, as the Sun reached its highest peak. Birds sung their songs and flew from one tree to another to chase their friends, or hopped down to the ground, to pick up the smallest of bits to eat. Plant grew short and tall and in many different shapes, colors and forms. They covered the fields where no tree would dare to live. It all was silent and calm, up until nightfall. Day by night, hordes of insects roamed the land and fought against each other. Kingdoms rose and fell as these little soldiers marched against their enemies. Not many of the animals truly cared, as they had better things to do.

This was the case with the tiny, silver rabbit. It was curiously watching a young leafing, to find its place in this vast forest. The little green being really struggled to make itself comfortable and was really upset by its misfortune.

"What are you doing?" asked the old bark as it yawned. The small sapling was so troubled and busy that it missed its neighbor's addressing. The tall tree growled. "Did you not hear what I just said?" it continued with a rather tired, but upset voice. The little plant did not answer as it was terribly occupied.

The old bark then bent over to see, what the green sapling was up to. The troubled being was trying to push all the old rocks that enclosed it. It was so busy that the sapling did not even notice when its neighboring tree flicked its head. The rabbit let out a small giggle in its cubbyhole. When finally the leafing did notice the elder one, its small eyes almost vanished from plain sight.

The old bark sighed. "Don't you see that I was here first? Go and find another place as this is my house!" it strongly suggested. The sapling was terrified, and began to beg for mercy.

"Please mister, I just want to get out of here!" it anxiously spoke, as it desperately tried to free itself from the rocks. The old tree scratched its side. "What am I supposed to do with you? What did you say, where are you from?" it questioned as it looked around to familiarize its surroundings. A lot of things happened while the old bark was asleep. The rabbit then thought to jump closer. It happily bit off a small grass on its way.

"Where's the oak, my old friend?" he suddenly asked as the bark had difficulty to remember.

"The oak you say? No more today!" rimed the silvery hopper, near a small opening where its friend used to be.

"That can't be, no!" the tree spoke out in sorrow.

"Relax and fine, you've forgot the dime!" replied the rabbit, before stopping its dance.

The old bark sighed again. "Yes, yes I remember, I think! My mind is clouded from all that sleep, and everything's a blur!" it complained, while the tree reached deep into the ground, to drink and eat.

"So I'm the child?" asked the little leafing, while it tried to see past the old and dry fragments of the long gone oak.

"Certainly not! I think. Maybe?" replied the bark as it still tried to figure out what was going on.

"Just like the paw of a cat, short, fat and easy to catch." told the rabbit.

"You're not helping much, little two-legged friend!" replied the old tree as it spanked the little fur a bit.

"All is right, all is right!" the silvery hopper laughingly spoke and ran back a little, to munch on some fresh raspberries.

"I think there might be a solution, little sap! Here, let me help you!" the old tree bark said as it pulled out the small leafing from the ground and gently lifted it into the air.

"Put me down, put me down you monster!" yelled the little one.

"Stop moving you fool or I won't help you!" the tree noted in its concentration, while the little leafing wiggled left and right.

The silver bunny just ate and laughed, one after another as it watched the show. These two wrestled with each other like David and Goliath. Suddenly the sapling freed itself and fell down, just before the bark's branch reached the ground.

"Serves you right!" the leafing argued, while the old bark just grumbled. Not long after, the sapling realized that now the world became much bigger and lighter than before.

"Your new place, as my new friend! I guess you could not even hinder that you are from the oak, even if you wanted to!" the old tree commented as it slightly turned away, to glance into the depth of the forest.

"Did you see anything new silver or you just hopped around these parts?" it asked the rabbit that got covered in fruit from head to toe.

"The trees are nor short or long, but strong and bold. To argue about wolves it is not my vow, they roam the night and too afraid to fly above the high!" it mumbled while the last raspberry disappeared.

The old bark thought to itself. "Wolves, here? That can't be!" Then it reached over to the tiny hopper and made sure, its attention was taken away from the food.

The rabbit looked upset as it tried to lick off its fingers. "What now old bark, I was just right!?"

"Go and look for the bear, call for him and I will give you your favorite drink!" spoke the tree as it winked at the fur. The rabbit's attitude quickly changed, as it perfectly new what the old bark was talking about: it's delicious brew of apple cider, that it kept hidden and deep between its roots. It was from an old time, when men were still passing through these woods and life was buzzing like a beehive...
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