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Memories end up with tears -Alrishane experience
Marso 2, 2015 nang 12:45 PM
How could be memories so love to recall? Why do memries bring us back some lot of happiness. Are you one of making lots of memries? Did you never shed a tear recalling them to your heart? Memories are the things that could be plant to your life? Memries end up with tears? How do this such a way?

Memries are called the reservoirs of your dreams. They are build lot of pictures to nurture your life and which give you the reason to smile. Smile and sad memries makes us comfort to think it over but dont you notice the more you made such happy moments is the more youll gonna miss and want to bring them back again. I want to share what I experience to you. Ive been an easy-girl back then when I was reached teenage life. Ill do some ever lasting memries till graduation day. I encounter all experience such as love teams. Its fun to experience of all things. But now I reached 18 . My eyes changed suddenly. Tears flood because of only one person. My eyes were back then cute but now pain. My tears flow are not good rather lonely. I changed a lot back then. They could bring me the past where I need to remember but now Impossible. I love him. I fell in love. But I fell in tears now and then. My heart back so happy but now tears are falling to pieces. I couldnt remember he dont love me. I remembered he always said them "I love you" with add "forevers". Stupid thing ever I encounter to my life. I dont want to build stupid memries again. If I could smile, I smile to my family. But not ever with him. I change. I hate. And I promise. Will never plant memries to my heart again. Not again. Never ever. I wish to be the most happiest girl but not ever. Sick? Pain? and death revenge? Was I promise to such give me this kind again. Memries.? So happy to start but end with sad. Happy end with love story. Mine was not. All comes to wicked promises. Words fool are now hatred. To tell you. I dont like it now. If ever well be start again. Never I smile but a fake smile. I wouldnt give anymore my pretty smile to you. I wish to be sad whatever it happens. Dont depend on me now. Build your memries. I dont like drama scenes. All is fake. Finally my heart pretty decide. I will never encounter or write ups moments again not like you.

So. Memories end up with tears. Over and Over again. :''(

Shirla (Alrishane)

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