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Holy God -by Shirla Valmonte(blessed u are reading this)

Thank you for these another day. Youve always guide us with your holy spirit. You inculcate us your command that we should attend and perform our sacred duties from your teachings. You planted anew spiritual seed and give admonition that is take good care for the rare seeds I bestowed to you because your obligation to maintain sacred duties present and not weary but lively with your heart and soul. We are jolly and smile on our faces that my Holy God poured to us a great blessing and captured our hearts patiently.You sent a million of email messages that is actually stated "Lets us make a difference in spreading high level of spirituality in sharing Your Holy Scriptures and live them spiritually and perfectionally." Let us collaborate to the 100th years of Church of Christ whch brought by making at most perfection pereparedness and loyal amongst brotherhood . My God I awe a lot of giving pleasure and solemnized prayer for Your immmeasurable deep love and immortality empowers spirited in toto presentable with such essense lasts unknowingly.Youre only the special source of an inspiration strong will led heavenly looks anytime to us just we can walk our path through your guidance.Under of all trials,obstacles, and hindrances. Sometimes anonymous person might hamper almost my dreams- synchronize awards I redeemed by the love of holy God, but not unusual or stranger person can trick or foolish on me frankly because there is my savior watching me and protecting myself to fight the difficulties. Also, He loves me and you better knew that for every terrifying confusions at the back of my mind. My loving God Father never leaves behind my back and lend me a good news. All is well. Challenges may be like a storm but later on the weather feels good again and sun shines then on. And Last, we'll see the sun rises wonderfully and brightfully which interpret by success on you.Sees failures as opportunities for success. In Despite in the accordance of failures and circumstances. Still remained true and looking forwards to your benevolent works held with superior unconditional love to us specially to my family in the help of them,grew us loving and caring youngerst sisters.Spread eternally to us your boundless blessings including the Executive Minister and faculties around their workshops and expedition journey. Members of the Church of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo) is now worldwide in nations celebrating,marching and preparing to a centennial century-strong brotherhood and radiant church of christ families worthy for salvation . Marching onwards perfection widely and strengthen leadership to every group officers separatedly by BUKABIN (Buklod, Kadiwa and BInhi) .In term, will mold their members altogether synergy. Let us all strive to bring God's people to a radsiant state where they will shine brightly for Gods glory . A leader in Gods nation declared: For Zions sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet,till her righteousness shines out like the dawn her salvastion like a blazing torch .(isaiah 62:1 NIV) "An opportunity for Meaningful service" Beloved youth, you should recognize the important responsibility your parents have to correct you when you make mistakes. Respect them at all times.gOD WILL BLESS THOSE WHO HONOR THEIR PARENTS.This is recorded in Ephesians 6:1-3. Children,it is your christian duty to obey your parents,for this is the right thing to do. Respect your Father and Mother the 1st commandment that has a promise added. so that all may go well with you and you may live a long time in the land.E xodus 20:12(NKJV) Wisdom is a principal thing; therefore get wisdom.And in all your getting,get understanding. Proverbs 4:7NKJV "Work hard at whatever you do,because there will be no action,no thought,no knowledge ,no wisdom in the world of the dead-and that is where you are going" "After all this there is only one thing to say. Have reverence for God and obey his commands,because this is all that we were created for." Ecclesiastes 9:10,12-13 (TEV) Brethren,one more step to go and well be altogether rises God's nonetheless full of blessings and grace. Strengthen our faith in securing salvation and fulfill our duties in participating missionary activities whereby to prepare ourselves in deep redeemed lvoe to the awaited second Advent comes and bring us to His faithful HOLY CITY. We will carry on!
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